Qinghai transportation work conference held in Xining

9 month 26 to 28, Yang Chuantang, Party Secretary of the Ministry of transportation in the province of transportation. Yang Chuantang and his party in-depth Xining, Haidong, Hainan and other key sections of the city and state, grassroots units and front-line sites, field research traffic poverty alleviation, operation and transportation charges. 27 PM, Qinghai transportation work conference held in Xining, Yang Chuantang attended the meeting and delivered a speech, governor Hao Peng presided over the meeting.

Yang Chuantang affirmed in his speech the provincial transportation work achievements, expounded the important status of transportation in the final stage of a well-off society in an all-round way and he said, "13th Five-Year" period, Qinghai is still in speeding up the construction of transportation infrastructure, improve the service level of transportation task is more prominent, we want to conscientiously implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, to further strengthen the Ministry of cooperation, work together to promote the sustained and healthy development of transportation industry in Qinghai. The first is to vigorously promote the construction of an integrated transport system, build a reasonable level, the close connection of the transportation network; two is to make traffic poverty alleviation work, ensure the comprehensive well-off road not to allow any poor areas due to traffic and left behind; three is to strengthen project reserves and plan landing, to realize the transformation from "capital projects to" project funds "; the four is to broaden the financing channels, actively coordinate the low interest rates, long term, policy support for Qinghai transportation construction, innovation PPP mode, improve the level of security funds; the five is to strengthen the special treatment, overloading and other refine initiatives to implement, to ensure the safety of the transportation field harmony and stability.

Hao Peng thanked the Ministry of transportation for many years to provide support for the development of Qinghai’s work and transportation. He said that as the basic and leading industry of the national economy, the transport of such a vast area of Qinghai and infrastructure lags behind the provinces is particularly important. Of the party since eighteen, in Qinghai General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech especially for important instructions Qinghai to work under the guidance of good economic and social development of the overall smooth, steady progress, transportation structure, showing a good momentum of rapid. The current and future periods, we will have to make up the short board "as the main task, and vigorously promote the major projects of railway and highway transportation network, airport, integrated transport hub construction, accelerate the improvement of infrastructure. We will be in accordance with the Ministry of transportation requirements, and actively promote the Ministry of cooperation, earnestly implement the main responsibility, based on the foundation, long-term benefit, increase stamina, enhance the construction as an important goal of traffic supply capacity of the integrated transportation network to further open to the rural highway "capillary" as an important starting point to improve traffic traffic poverty alleviation. The equalization of public service level as an important measure to improve the people’s livelihood, and strive to enhance the Qinghai transportation industry to a new level, to better play the role of support and protection of comprehensive transportation in comprehensive well-off construction in.

Han Jianhua reported traffic in our province.


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