2014 city to build an upgraded version of Xining

2014 Xining city development and Investment Fair will be held on July 26th to 31, this city will contact the highlighting the beautiful summer, the city’s life "theme, relying on city planning, strengthening the project consciousness, take a variety of investment, outstanding industrial agglomeration, enhance the core position, build Xining three upgrade". Reporters from the July 18th meeting of the 2014 fair city press conference was informed that this city will contact will be more frugal and efficient and pragmatic, full of vitality, reflect the city characteristics, is a city development event, also invest in the event, is the general public holiday.

more than a thousand businessmen come to Xining to find the project

merchants come to see more of our development conditions, the opportunity for the development of enterprises in Xining, the value of our city is to provide them with better service". It is reported that the city will continue to be the main representative of the enterprise fair invitation. At present, 548 enterprises have been implemented, more than a thousand participants. Shanghai Greenland Group and other well-known enterprises will participate. Many of these companies are active, looking for projects in Xining.

56 activities to attract merchants and the public

this city will contact a total of 56 all kinds of activities, including seminars focused projects, small and medium-sized enterprises and business park projects docking site promotion, tourism promotion, business investment promotion, investment projects focused on signing, financial docking seminars, business enterprise docking, chamber of Commerce meeting, for merchants, the general public on a cool summer road delicious assorted cold dishes.

launched 148 mature project

city fair will be a total of 148 projects to promote the project to discuss the negotiations have already met the conditions, you can organize the implementation of the project. Among them, the central square of the North expansion, the main train station, the core area of Dongguan mosque ten key area renovation project of city construction and commercial. At the same time, the promotion of urban development conditions mature plots, including the East District, West District Youyuan Yong Jun Xiang land plots. In addition, there are cultural tourism, industrial development and other projects.

contracted projects strive to one hundred percent landing

has now determined that this city will contact the project contract amount is expected to reach about 20000000000 Yuan, all contracted projects will be one hundred percent to landing, can bring the contribution to regional economic development projects and projects and other activities of the project will not repeat.


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