Accelerate the pace of development of agricultural facilities in the North District

north district jurisdiction for national and provincial key projects to increase efforts to accelerate the pace of city construction, the development of agricultural production, the actual land area decreased year by year, in strengthening the agricultural "city" positioning, the development of "boutique" agricultural products, with a high standard of energy-saving solar greenhouse construction, fruit and vegetable planting base pace accelerating.
in green agriculture ecological garden building 258, Xufeng agricultural demonstration garden 210 building, Hui Tian Nongchao docking fruit and vegetable plantations of 240 high standard greenhouse construction drive, has built a vegetable planting base 12. Planting base construction set fruit and vegetable planting, sightseeing and picking, recognized species of adoption as a whole, service city, wealthy farmers, to meet the city residents return to nature and experience the leisure lifestyle of farm combined with the construction of a high standard design, high scale development of greenhouse vegetable and fruit production base. At present, the vegetable production base vegetable production accounted for more than 70% of the region’s total vegetable production. Hui Tian vegetable and fruit cultivation base to become the province’s first agricultural super docking production base, the annual production of more than 1300 tons of vegetables, the average daily supply to the Hakka and other supermarkets supply more than 7000 kilograms of vegetables, welcomed by consumers. Agriculture and animal husbandry, development and reform, finance and other departments actively seek special funds from the provinces and cities, the existing greenhouse vegetable base year by year to the size of the region mainly for water conservancy facilities, such as the upgrade package to the wall, effectively enhance the level of production of greenhouse vegetable base, for the winter off-season vegetable production, laid the foundation for improving production efficiency. Combined with the outer suburbs of new rural construction "three concentration" pilot work, planning and construction of 8 large-scale farming area, breeding pigs and other livestock breeding and selection of more than 6000, large scale pig farming district, plans to implement the comprehensive utilization project of pig farm biogas in the year, reduce farm manure emissions, protect the surrounding the environment, improve the efficiency of breeding.


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