Agricultural subsidies to improve the standard of raising the per mu to 29.8 yuan per mu

in order to further promote the grain production in our province, actively encourage farmers, make up for diesel, fertilizers and other agricultural prices caused the farmers incremental, in 2012 the province once again raise the subsidy standards increased from 19.8 yuan to 29.8 yuan, increased 10 yuan per mu subsidy standards. 2012 issued a total agricultural subsidies 218 million 850 thousand yuan, an increase of more than $73 million 420 thousand in 2011.

It is reported that

, agricultural subsidies in 2006 the country launched the finished oil price formation mechanism reform, the implementation of the new mechanism, because oil prices affect the farmers (farm), part of the social groups and public sectors to increase spending by government subsidies. In 2006, our province in accordance with the relevant state policies formulated on the spirit of "Qinghai province implementation opinions" part of vulnerable groups and public sectors due to the oil price formation mechanism reform expenditure increase financial subsidies, the subsidies object by enjoy direct subsidies to grain farmers and farm groups, then determine the comprehensive agricultural subsidies standards for our province subsidies to 3.58 yuan per mu; 2007 increased to 7.58 yuan per mu; 2008 increased to 19.80 yuan per mu.


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