Build a strong Western forest security firewall

To build the forest security firewall, strengthen forest fire prevention and control, prevention and control capacity, investment of 2 million 900 thousand yuan this year, the West District, started construction of a total area of 1000 square meters of permanent fire, and guard housing project, the project will be completed in October. The reporter learned from the West District, this project will be in the hall, Zhangjiawan, Peng village, Liu Zhai and other key protection area, construction of ten permanent fire protection, guard room, will be built with the person 24 hours all-weather guard, forest management, storage and protection in one, to ensure that in the event of fire, deforestation and other events, personnel, materials and equipment to do the deployment of timely, orderly, and provide the basis for the development and protection of the Nanshan green barrier. In recent years, in the west area of forest fire prevention work always adhere to the protection of forest resources as the key to forest fire prevention as the core, to fully implement the "prevention, eliminationactively" policy, conscientiously implement the leadership responsibility system, and through the development and improvement of forest fire prevention work specification system, clear the forest fire prevention responsibility; establish and perfect the forest fire prevention mechanism, team, strengthen forest fire prevention infrastructure construction and other measures to ensure that the region’s forest resources and the people’s lives and property safety. At the same time, increase publicity and education, and enhance awareness of the group, in major holidays, especially during the Ching Ming Festival, organized special forest fire mission.  

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