No cost for the entrepreneurial small boss thought

choose different industries, entrepreneurs will appreciate the different entrepreneurial landscape. Guangzhou plastic packaging factory is a small civil welfare factory, the factory more than 100 employees, the disabled accounted for 54%. In 1986, the audit results show that 270 thousand yuan of liquidity to all.

1988, and implement the risk through the bidding contract, the contractor must first pay 20 thousand yuan mortgage risk, ensure the Shanghai factory profit increase of 7% per year, and ensure the workshop worker’s income every year increase of 7%. No capital business, risk mechanism to promote the contractor in the business to expand the business to exhaust all the skills, profit.

three years down the risk of contracting risk management makes the profit record, 1991. Profit 380 thousand yuan, is the contract before the 5 times. Average monthly income of workers increased by 3 over the previous year, 84%. In addition, they added 8 machines to pay off the debt.

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