How to design a beverage shop operating table

very common streets and lanes beverage stores have a very big demand, a lot of people want to start is from the start of this industry, and the beverage stores operating platform has a very important role, it is equivalent to the kitchen, directly determines the convenience of future work. Generally speaking, the operator can not exceed the width of the bar. So first of all, according to the size of your bar to determine the size of the console, the console must be equipped with:

coffee shop – coffee machine, grinding machine, coffee cup, boiling water, sand ice machine, sealed cans, small equipment. Milk tea shop – sealing machine, water heater, sand ice machine, milk shake machine, fructose machine, the number of pots, sealed cans, small equipment. Can be placed on the operating table, can also be placed in other areas of the equipment are: paper cups and plastic cups, cup cover, pots and pans, induction cooker, snack equipment etc.. Close to the console should be equipped with ice machines and refrigerators, so in the design of the two things must be set aside space.

bar area

coffee machine is arranged in the first place the customer enters the door, in order to highlight the focus of a shop – the quality of coffee to enhance the quality of the entire shop. The grinding powder and slag bucket in the coffee machine on the left, shows a detail: grinder and fly around the slag is easy to have a coffee powder residue, independently on the left hand is more subtle, and on the other hand the cup frame separated, if placed on the right side, it is easy to get dirty cup.

cup stand is put a disposable cup rack, and then to the left is a food packaging area, convenient Cashier Assistant busy when the clerk to pack out a meal. This part, in addition to the meal package and the blank area on the left side of the cash register for the bar table, other devices are placed in the next layer on the table, so that is conducive to such a power line block, surface layer need to set aside the higher part of the space equipment. Said the popular point is the device that points it should be dug off the table.

line area

How to design

beverage shop? Good design line area. Need to set aside at least 50cm width for the clerk to leave a comfortable operating space.

operating area

is also the focus of the operation area of the table with the height of the bar and the next layer is almost equal to the placement of basic equipment and raw materials. The sink is the most vulnerable to the operation of the region, to take into account its concealment, although it is closest to the door, but because of the height of the bar, just to be able to cover it. Placed in the rear of the sink is to save space and easy to clean, but be careful not to let the power cord damage, otherwise it will cause leakage risk. Water heater is often connected to the water, placed next to the water tank is also very obvious intention.

before the water heater

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