How to do the promotion

brand has been widely welcomed by the market, by Ms. Amy’s love, this also means that a larger market, more opportunities, but really want to do business, to expand the business, the brand is not enough light, but also the corresponding management strategy, the following Xiaobian first to bring you the dress shop how do the promotion?!

brand store coupons to include the three major goals of sales promotion, the difference and cash discount, women’s clothing store promotion plan which can attract more consumers have no plans to buy a brand of women’s to the same place of consumption.

discount brand in women’s clothing, women’s brand can be set in advance. For the quarter of the women in the discount on the brand can make some concessions, hot brand discount should be controlled, so as not to affect future sales. Day holiday buy brand women’s clothing, women’s brand reached a certain amount of gift a coupon, often grab back, extended a number of old customers.

remember each piece of clothing color, when there is a color sold out, don’t tell your customer would have had a pink but has been sold out, the pink color is very beautiful, so sell more quickly, so that the guests is not something, the more they will want and have no interest in other colors.


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