One hundred thousand yuan entrepreneurial choice to open a bar in Dali

the current society, if you have money, if only the bank has been put there, so your money, perhaps a lifetime only so much, perhaps will not be reduced, but also will not increase, if slightly economically minded people, will invest here Xiaobian to introduce a one hundred thousand yuan to open a bar an instance of the!

LOLA27 year old graphic designer     personal dream: to open a bar in Dali

advantage: Dali is a tourist destination, there are many tourists both in peacetime or holidays, especially for young people, but the bar is a popular consumer sites essential, so choose to open a bar in Dali is a good choice.

and he is a native of Dali, with its geographical environment, understand the local characteristics, but also their parents and friends to help and support. And Dali store rents low, the cost of the shop is not very high, the risk will be reduced. With these advantages, I believe the results will be good.

Through the above analysis:

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