Open an old bookstore can make money

no matter what kind of business we choose to start business, can make money will become a reference standard, can directly affect the choice of investors. So, the old bookstore can make money? Let Xiaobian to do a simple analysis for you.

secondhand book market prospect analysis: the old book purchase channel is many, has the bookstore discount sale, the unit and the family, the individual processing old book and so on, the purchase price is inexpensive. Open an old bookstore can make money? Do not sell old books do not make money, this is the seller of a word. We might as well from the sale of old books.

Beijing, Panjiayuan, the old book market, Yu big piece of mud, the distribution of 30-40 stalls, there are 1-3 thousand books waiting for the transaction. There are some of the oldest. If the average count, 30 stalls, open 2 days a week, Panjiayuan market sales of second-hand books a year will not be less than 600 thousand. Open an old bookstore can make money? Each gross profit 0.5-2 yuan, the total profit of 30-120 million.

venture capital: 0.5-1 million.

site area: a street storefront room, an area of 30 square meters. Can be determined according to the size of entrepreneurs to invest.

employees: to attract employees 1-2.

Benefit Forecast: annual net income of 2-4 million.

million to start such a business, just a small shop can operate, but it can easily create a few million annual income, so that entrepreneurs can no doubt be more sure investors. So, if you want to venture capital, open an old bookstore will be a very good choice.

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