Selection of entrepreneurial projects will not be easy to become rich

for young people now, looking for a suitable entrepreneurial projects, imminent. 08 years in July, Wu Min graduated from the design profession, but not interested in the design, did not work. Bold Wu Min borrowed 50 thousand dollars in Tianjin to do a day rental, monthly rental business, in this period, due to poor management, while the funds back too slow, had to end in failure.

2010 in October, an accidental opportunity, Wu Min found a call every day, solar water heater products. It is said that this kind of solar energy can generate electricity, which caused Wu Min’s attention. Wu Min knows that China has a vast territory, a large climate difference, the majority of people on the heating, cooling demand is very strong, to improve the living environment and living standards of our people, the overwhelming majority of the people’s urgent hope.

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