On county level area monthly income of million yuan of classified information website

has been paying attention to the website from my hometown since last year. Yes, my family is in Linzi District of Zibo.

seems to be a lot of websites, decent and less. Only a few chemical networks, relying on Qilu Petrochemical Industries Co advantage in doing, of course, these are done quite well. In addition, there are information ports in Zibo, this is telecommunications, for the time being, there is no strength and competition.

When the Spring Festival

home, a friend said that "XX net" do not know, I said, he said the website still profitable, eighteen thousand dollars of income a month. This reminds me at once,


, after numerous read this site, but the feeling is not how backward, art program, it has been the site as a dumpster to see, actually a county site a month income of million yuan…… This, as a web site for 5 years, I feel a little weird. After all, it’s OK to do Zibo, too. It’s too small for Linzi. I doubt it.

then, after the Spring Festival to Xi’an, began to analyze this website carefully. There are several points:

1, personal release information, free

2, enterprise release information free

3, enterprise store charges

, 4, Google and other advertising alliance revenue

5, drive domain name, space, website to make a business,

I also know by other means, this website has a few clerks now, can run very much, the company of the company with a bit of local fame, commercial street almost all ran all over, so just can pull business.

later, I unconsciously ordered the traffic statistics system of this website, which was semi open and could only view the profile. Every day there are more than 2000 peak more than 3000 IP! IP, PV is the more than 10000! So I completely believe that the original below a city site can also

million a month!

thought carefully, but it’s also about the area. My home area of Linzi, the economic development is relatively good, there are large state-owned enterprises Qilu Petrochemical Industries Co, Shandong aluminum factory, Shandong thermal power plant…… And a large number of profitable enterprises, farmers are also rich in hands, now including the village, there are computers, and quite a lot of Internet access, my family is. Around the neighborhood, several uncles, a few aunts, uncles…… All the family have computer, online. In this environment, there is a good network environment in order to have such a harvest. If you do such a website in a poor county of the state…… Ha-ha。

in fact, I have long wanted to do such a site, but has been on the county level site is not good, I feel less traffic. After all, I’ve been feeling this promising web site for two hundred or three hundred IP a day, but it’s 10 times as good……

then does it himself

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