Zhai Xiaohu how to use QQ group to promote website experience sharing

in some industries, the use of other ways to promote web site may than the use of SEO can get more traffic, such as I am currently doing China oil information network, oil related keywords to search every day is thousands, if you want to make a breakthrough flow, must increase the other way to promote the proportion, so today and share experience QQ group of promotion.

a preparatory phase,

at this stage, the main task is to collect information about the QQ group, mainly from the group number, the main members of the main content of the discussion, the founder of QQ, alternate group information, composed of five aspects. Can be adjusted according to individual needs, I would like to add that the main intention of cooperation and note two, although it may not use temporarily, but in the future there may be a need for. Generally I use a excel file for information collation, easy to view in the future, as shown in figure

this stage can be summed up as follows: the information is collected in a comprehensive way, and the content space is reserved.

two QQ group added stage

if you want to promote the use of a large number of QQ group, a QQ is not safe, if by QQ group, to the potential user message too much, Tencent will temporarily freeze the QQ, released may take time, or to the Tencent will not open, if not closed, is before all the work naught. So, the general can apply for multiple QQ, each QQ, not only for the 20 groups of all, (according to our personal situation to adjust the number of 20, but I recommend), once a QQ operation over frozen, other QQ are not affected.

QQ is added in the group process, you can write a paragraph, then copy, when each application group will paste, if you do not speak directly for some time, will not be passed, try to write the sincere, such as hope into the group together with the exchange and discussion. This stage can be summarized as: multiple vests, respectively, add.

three implementation promotion phase

There is only one purpose for

to enter the group, that is, to promote the website. Prepare yourself a few paragraphs, feel that may be used to communicate with groups of friends, or to communicate with each other, a paragraph is certainly not enough, and then private groups of friends, the benefits of doing so is the news to people. Through the years of construction of a lot of QQ group, found that a majority of people in each group are always in diving, a group of 100 people in active people will then have more than 30 or more active, this group, many do not speak the other part of the long-term, shielding the group message (some just do not remain in the pop-up group chats, some only display the message number), so a message to everyone, is more effective than in the group sent to. To do so, there is another advantage is that if not reported, it will not be kicked out of the group, and sometimes you add the group directly up to the point, to promote their website, will be kicked out of the group by the administrator.

pay attention to two when sending messages

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