Talk about how to do good electricity supplier of glasses

glasses is very dependent on the line of the industry, this is the biggest obstacle to have glasses industry business of electronic commerce, in accordance with the tide of someone’s saying a trend which cannot be halted, the electricity supplier also slowly in the penetration of the once seemingly too strong to break the industry, why is that? Because the writer now glasses in a traditional line shop. Glasses this market prices are very chaotic, the price difference can be seen as the electricity supplier of Troy Trojan, leading the electricity supplier penetration of the industry.

for example: a few days ago a customer, see pure titanium glasses, the glasses store basically is 8-9 per thousand, the customer only looked at the results, went out when he said the pure titanium net from above the frame only more than 100. If the difference is the personal views on a few dozen a hundred can use cash, or customer service for the cable and because the rent is understandable, but the price is bad, people are difficult to accept, not the nouveau riche.

and more recently to buy glasses glasses with lenses from the store, because the general line shop is not foreign to the single, we store the standard is at least one thing in the store, perhaps perhaps frames, lenses, I later found to shop with buy frames from the net above is almost the perfect plan to save money, you can enjoy the special fitting treatment of enterprise, but also save a lot of money. (this paragraph is pure YY, don’t really, pray leader didn’t see.


, let’s talk about the traditional enterprise’s electricity supplier.

went on to analysis, we know that the traditional optical shops filled with profits up to know, but really it is very normal, most of the glasses store closures are the cost of death, not the capital turnover, if you think I am wrong when I say.

first to calculate the traditional offline store costs, according to the traditional optical shops open method, cost = cost + + human distribution utilities + + equipment rental shop.

said frankly, glasses shop products have a majority is sold, a little exaggeration in accordance with the 28 law that your goods into 80% in the short term is not sell, not sell how to do? Then keep selling, it is impossible to get rid of dozens of blocks. That is to say, you have a lot of money to be caught in the 80% of the goods.

labor costs, shopping guide, opticians, optometrists, this ultimately, ten each year on average is 3W, 30W overhead, this wage is a substantial cost, in order to control the cost, many stores pay relatively strict control eyes, this is also a lot of eyes shop staff wages generally low reason.

This is the

utilities are relatively small, if in downtown is the rental shop and precise equipment.

according to this calculation, in fact, 500% of the profits to make money is not easy, so even if the masses complain about how expensive, glasses can not make the price of glasses down.

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