Discussion on some operation methods of new station operation

A lot of new operation method of

, everyone has his business promotion methods, but the author summed up, combined with their actual combat experience, we sort out some new skills related to the operation, the key to grasp the following thought.

1, site positioning, and META tags describe


positioning site is an important aspect of the decision to follow. For example, health type websites and medical sites are closely related to each other. If you want to do health type web site, often content to do, it shifted to the medical side. Remember the importance of location, the competition in the medical sector is very intense, and health is relatively easy, so don’t do both. The META tag can be in the long tail keywords and target keywords played a guiding role, here on the key word distribution to do well, because the key word distribution of keyword weight concentration of great influence.

two, about the content construction of prophase

familiar words, the first impression is very important, it is also applicable to the search engine, so the content of the site is recommended, if you do not have the strength or deep background, just a small team or individual site. Then use pseudo original bar, quantity above the beginning, if there can be 1000 words, as far as possible 1000 articles, here does not encourage you to directly collect, because such a site will be mostly included in the garbage site. So I suggest that the acquisition + most changes, the formation of similar pseudo original original article.

three, create access to the site,

this point for the article included in the role of great, maybe you feel that the creation of the site of the intersection is to send the chain, that is wrong, he includes the chain, but more than that. We all know the spider crawling a site for a limited time, so how to more effectively guide the spider crawling? Here I was operating some nofollow tags on the directory page, as a result can be reached included in the website increased, I have to share the directory page so that the operation of the site the article included increased, so this is the conclusion of the experiment, then a directory as target words of a web site, do not recommend such operations.

followed by the hair chain, where the author’s operation is through Baidu related products for the construction of the chain, and the form of hair as much as possible the article page links, rather than the home page links. The advantage of such operations is the increased number of pages at the entrance and the natural link. The tonic http://s.zbysw.com feeds, thank you.

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