A fish Rainbow auxiliary nets get traffic skills

for a web site, traffic is very important, of course, the nature of the site also determines how much it gets a different way of flow and flow, industry websites must have targeted traffic, and entertainment sites such as long as the flow will be zhaodanquanshou. Today, the fish to share with you rainbow auxiliary network such industry class website access to traffic tips, I hope this article useful for everyone, good, nonsense, not to say, see the text,


first a flow chart for everyone to see, see


you see traffic statistics table, although not high, but for this kind of rely on the sale of software profit website, has been good, well, the following official talk about the flow of small skills I get.

first had to say about Baidu know and ask this two big promotion tool, stay connected to it, not only targeted, but also a good chain effect, absolutely kill two birds with one stone. Personal feel theory effect, Baidu know definitely better than Search ask, in terms of degree of difficulty search search, ask definitely stronger than Baidu know. Want to stay connected to them, the first account is the key, must to high level account, the higher the level is, the higher the chance of leaving a connection, then we can not answer the questions in the answer to do things carelessly to take, really answer the question mentality.

ask to know that not only do you leave connections to bring traffic, but if you really can’t leave a connection, it’s also a good way to text and promote your website. Of course, before that, we must ensure that your site in the search engine have a keyword ranking is the first home, if there is, how can we can put in a search engine to search your site search keywords and left behind after answering the questions, such as the probability that can bring the real flow can raise a lot of problems, of course, the downside is it not outside the chain effect.

also is a good forum posting before posting, we must find our website content and related websites, such as their website game, looking for the post when it is best to find the game, so as to bring the real flow instead of junk traffic. When posting ads don’t taste too strong, this post is highly likely can be deleted, ask the post, such as a ID forum in question, and then another ID in the thread connection with, this is a relatively small chance to delete.

we can also through the QQ group and website content correlation to obtain the traffic, of course this is the same, and the hair can not easily be T, otherwise, we in AD is best through the question and answer form, with the two number is the best way. Also, be careful, yes, don’t just join the group, develop AD, and don’t send it very often every day. In QQ group, there is a group mail function is also good, it can be combined with the group to do promotion, effect >

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