Dislocation theory in website operation and popularization

The marketing of

website emphasizes not only the difference between one’s own products and other similar products, but also the advantages of their products (product differentiation). We should also use marketing techniques to create "customer satisfaction" in the process of publicity".

what is dislocation theory,


"dislocation" strategy, since ancient times, the most famous example is "Tian Ji horse", but this is only a superficial application of "dislocation theory". Because of the "dislocation theory" has two levels: a strategy strategy is "horizontal dislocation", and is also the competitor "dislocation", aims to "difference" to attract consumers, this is China lateral marketing marketing industry currently very popular "". But we want to emphasize is "another strategy dislocation theory" — "longitudinal dislocation", which is to create the hearts of consumers with their own "dislocation", not only for the purpose of segment competitors is leading to "purchase behavior" smoothly, and maintain good relationship with customers, and ultimately the creation of "consumer satisfaction".

seize Internet users psychology, so that Internet users (consumers) satisfied.

from the consumer psychology perspective, before buying behavior, consumers will generally according to their existing knowledge and experience to want to purchase goods have a basic presupposition in psychology, such as quality, style, function, price, service etc.. If the product or service of the "actual" consumer than the original idea of better quality, more or cheaper, surprise consumers think that there is a "value", it is willing to buy. And "value for money" of the "difference" part of the customer’s subconscious hope to get "excess value", it is this part of the value, it really created "consumer satisfaction."". Therefore, the so-called "vertical dislocation" strategy, that is, as far as possible to "product reality" beyond the customer’s "psychological expectations", so that consumers feel unexpected surprise. "Product reality" beyond the customer "psychological expectations" more, consumers will think that the more cost-effective, the purchase behavior for him will be more "happy", he will naturally more satisfied.


don’t exaggerate the function of the product in the propaganda language, but adopt the strategy of "vertical dislocation" to satisfy the users when they use their products. Therefore, in product planning, development links, we must focus on, so that when the website can be promoted in cooperation with each other.

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