s the rise of China’s portal because the system is good

Abstract: we have to go back more than 20 years ago to find out.



recently published an article "surging network supervision at tight, content production gray area" article. The writer is Zhang Taofu, Professor of Journalism at Fudan University.

in this article, the first paragraph focuses on black text is like this: "portal in China’s rise, is in technology, markets and the government’s three bonus background achievements.". If there is no system of good and new media technology tuyere, portal is impossible to rise rapidly. The system designer of the year, due to the Internet as the representative of the advanced productive forces of the expected better, given the preference system of Internet development after the first richly endowed by nature, the spirit of the principle of standardization, gives the system space of Internet enterprises unprecedented, let its enjoy for a relaxed environment in the market."

new media technology tuyere is indeed one of the important factors for the rise of portal websites. But there is the so-called system of good, good expectations, development specification, relaxed environment, which means that China policy makers, to let the first development, pretending to be relaxed. Is that really the case,


, we have to go back more than 20 years ago to find out.

in the ever-changing Internet era, more than 20 years ago, in the eyes of many people, is regarded as "ancient times".


the exact time China has entered the world wide web is: on April 20, 1994, the 64K network channel opened. This is regarded as the world China is a global Internet connected country. This event was one of China’s top ten scientific and technological news in the year, and was listed as a major scientific and technological achievement in 1994 in the national statistical communique.

, the first WWW server in China, was built in May 94 by the Institute of high energy physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and launched China’s first web page on this server. From then on, "window of China" was bred".

Chinese first BBS is launched in August 8, 1995 SMTH, different from the Institute of high energy physics project, the Tsinghua University internal forum is not a web application, but belongs to the Internet application.

but for ordinary people, the iconic event that was able to access the Internet was built and opened in January 1996, the backbone network of China’s public internet.

for media applications, the first net is not what Sina, Sohu, but not what people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, and even not provincial media, but a local newspaper in Hangzhou: Hangzhou daily. 93 years, it has made an electronic "Hangzhou daily afternoon edition".

today Chinese people look back on the Internet, often think of sina Sohu, NetEase, or Tencent Baidu Ali, in fact, drink first taste of the soup, is precisely the state-owned power: a number of state-owned media. < >

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