The mood of a webmaster

is a real occupation of my enterprise network administrator, because of the need to work and I will do the initiation of a special network management service website idea, after several days of deliberation decided to name your website is called "network", the name that sounds very cordial, and then renamed "Chinese" registered "" domain name, web site by several friends recommend, I chose the " dedecms" the website system, the system of personal website is free to use, from my personal webmaster history begins.

began to engage in network management staff graduated from college for 6 years now, IT management work is very complicated, and the labor income is not proportional, alas! No way, life force ah! Through a period of experience, personal feeling is really hard to do stand, for the more than another website, such as: program, space, content, promotion, the work which can make people worry about, write a few personal here do stand experience


1, the owners need to endure loneliness. In order to modify a program problem, in order to site multi-point traffic, in order to earn more advertising fees, the webmaster in a day in front of the computer to stay for more than 10 hours is normal. Lack of sleep is very normal, others go out to play, they can only stay in front of the computer hard work. I’m always reminding myself of loneliness! Keep it up!


2, stationmaster makes stand, need to be able to bear hardships. A person to do the station, the site program you have to understand, although now most of the site procedures are open source free of charge, but simple procedures will still be modified. Now are content for the times, the content of the site to update very skilled, a webmaster if a good editor.

3, website promotion SEO you very proficient, or search spiders will not patronize you, website promotion is a very hard thing, often to the Post Bar forum to post, of course this is just one of the ways, of course also many promotion methods.

4, should have psychological endurance. Beginning to do the station, the promotion effect is certainly not very good. No traffic, no income, very normal. And now the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, today your keyword ranking up, a little traffic, with little advertising, maybe tomorrow the ranking do not know where to go out, no traffic, no income is equal to. Personal webmaster should have psychological endurance,


described above is the actual situation I think many personal Adsense, personal webmaster really hard, a person, no team, no funds to fight a lone battle, no technical support. You have to depend on yourself,


I think the owners need to unremittingly spirit! No matter what difficulties will persist and never give up, maybe success is not far away! I believe a good webmaster can you do a good webmaster


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