Website’s philosophy of life to make a website is to be a man

for a long time did not come online to see the webmaster webmaster friends do stand experience, that I was very busy recently, the school will leave us, so recently busy writing the graduation thesis, busy even their own station is not nearly Gu, hey! The Internet every day to find the relevant papers articles. A headache, really think of online copy a article to the teacher even.

this is a lot of people will go down, that’s not what shameful things, the key is to copy the copy to you, just perfect, do not reveal the true features of nature, you will get the teacher’s praise, in some situations than you might write their own garbage but also good to more than ten thousand times, scores will naturally to the teachers this is high, so it shouldn’t we do not have the webmaster? — many bogus students inside the school, do we do the webmaster is no false Adsense? With the popularity of the Internet, the domain name space price is greatly reduced, spread online website background program, so the establishment of the threshold greatly we reduce, not whether you have the system of education or whether you have money or not, as long as you are willing to do it, you can fulfill your wish. Just like the following websites: HT Tp://, you know, he’s going to be on the line, or for a day,


website is done, the content that we, we all cried and said Baidu not included our website or Baidu and Google included our website page! Then we have to think not and we have a lot of high quality articles for Baidu and Google included high quality? Which of the mass from where it might be? Would you tell me I have time, I can write! Well, even if you have time, but you can guarantee that you write our users interested to see? First we don’t talk about your pen and paper is good, first you look at the article market prospects? You know we can not everyone has good writing

Jin Yong!

but that does not prevent users to become the webmaster wish, then, there will be a lot of people use tools to armed thief acquisition station, not to say, if you hold to a degree, the positive approach is immediate, but the effect is quite large! Who copy other things not to copy others’ papers. There will be your old teacher pulled out, but ctrl+c and ctrl+v become our survival personal webmaster, you can do the site of the thought of philosophy of life: is life, we do not have good effort from others to a site, and then changed the name of a website, then is linked to the Internet, see others say: This is my new website, you more advice and visit the


here I am tempted to mention, on the Internet recently out of a lot of logistics sites, they are very young, I looked at their home, very beautiful, very fashionable, but I want to ask, I whether your website is yourself or collection, you want to you > A

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