nternet rectification one size fits all, who will safeguard the interests of the site manager

current around the room in the rectification are often taken when shutting down all servers, so many sites do not have irregularities but have been implicated, including corporate website, shop and so on. It is reported that: Chinese Internet is in efforts to rectify the hitherto unknown, countless small website went to the crossroads of destiny. These small sites already reduced, or even zero income, most pessimistic mentality downturn, they work for many years the website shop facing the dangerous results cast to waste. This regardless of 37, twenty-one " one size fits all " Internet rectification model, regardless of the webmaster’s life or death practices, it is worth writing the Internet’s absurd history!

!The importance of

web server space is self-evident, with the combination of e-commerce and traditional commerce, e-commerce has become a rapidly growing industry, it helps companies through the crisis not only brings new orders, in saving cost, expand the scope of sales and procurement has also played a real is in effect. E-commerce brings enterprises unlimited business opportunities, an enterprise in the emerging network era bigger and stronger, can not be separated from the most basic point, that is, must have a web site or online shop.

as the core of enterprise e-commerce website support system, server undertakes the mission critical operations, data storage and so on, its stability, reliability and safety of the decision of the enterprise website or shop or to a great extent.

people familiar with the Internet all know that the enterprise website needs to be safe and stable, which puts forward a high demand for the server. If the site once a long time not open, or loss of website data, to the enterprise and the manager means of electronic business interruption and the loss of money, for operators means low user satisfaction, operating conditions will be lost. However, such " ", not across the board;; website, shop did not, how much will cause the manager will cause unemployment? How the Internet will be a reversal in China consequences? How many years? Ask: This is what the Internet is to rectify the accomplishments of


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