Talking about the temperament of a website, what is the makings of a website

what is the temperament of the website? Who decides the makings of the website?

first of all, we need to make it clear that temperament is a matter of both image and essence. This stuff is indistinct, just a feeling. And as a web site, his presentation is done by the artist, essentially by the programmer and the operation, isn’t it? Then the temperament of the website should be decided by these people, right?

I want to say, NO, the temperament of the website is determined by the website, or the product designer named PD (product design). A planner is a designer who grasps the temperament, framework, and behavior of the entire site. It can be said that as a website planner, it is a nerve center of the website. Everyone can come to ask for additional functionality, but only the web site planner can decide how to design it, how to represent it, and how to make better use of it. Well, wait, make better use of this function as if it were an operation. Sorry, if the function design is flawed, I am afraid you just want to run will be difficult.

like a person, make-up belongs to soft decoration, this is the art done. But if the facial features are irregular or uncoordinated, that is the problem of planning. Soft decoration can cover flaws, but ultimately can not solve the essence. And procedures and operations are the same, belong to the internal mechanism of the web of blood and meat. Digestive system is not good, just like the flow of the program is not smooth, accumulate more, want long blain blain. Poor blood, thin weak, I think not many people love so sickly.

led to this result, just because the original design of a problem, not considered carefully, or found that the problem has not been resolved in time. Well, it sure does.

in fact, a lot of site planning is just copying and piecing together. Yes, see what others have copied what, Lee family copy, Zhang copy a tail, rub, rub, and when their products released. Is that ok? Absolutely. And I support it. As long as it is the original of the other side, you can seize the essence of each other, but also with their own website closely integrated, then you copy it, this is not a shameful thing. As the saying goes, this is called the other people’s things into their own things. But if you don’t complete the premise, you still don’t do that, you call out.

well, let’s get the real thing. Maybe you don’t have the theory at all. You just want to learn how to use it. Why? Really want to do a good job site planning, or more learning it. It’s no good copying and copying all day.

site temperament determinants:

1, the big background of the website, that is, the origin of the company or the website. Is the traditional enterprise transformation or pure Internet, such as HC and Alibaba, one is the directory started, and one is pure network. If you think this is not reliable, compare storm video, Q>

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