Purchase and use LunarPages host experience

in stationmaster net mentioned I use the Lunarpages virtual hosting space, there are friends. Give me a message, said to see a lot of recommendation, purchasing Lunarpages host websites on the Internet, and the price is much higher than the domestic space, that is tricky, especially to ask me. So it’s necessary to share my experience.

foreign space overall good, space and traffic are large, such as the Lunarpages basic host program, $4.95 month, unlimited space, traffic can be built numerous websites, but also an international domain name for free. Equivalent to a little more than 400 yuan. It’s really affordable. In terms of cost performance, the domestic space is incomparable.


not only foreign dare to do so, it must be profitable, why domestic space business did not dare to launch such a service? Is the strength is too poor, or to earn extra high profits, but due to the low sales volume and a loss, or what other reasons? If the domestic which institutions dare to taking the same space launch and foreign service, it is a natural integration of the domestic IDC market, domestic hope as soon as possible.

has the following considerations when purchasing and using the LunarPages host:

1, buy or buy on your own. In foreign hosts, only Lunarpages supports domestic bank card payment, and the other requires dual currency or foreign currency credit card payment, and can also be paid by paypal. If you have trouble, you can also find someone purchasing, to find better credit, such as the U.S. host detective.

2, domain name can be selected at the same time in the purchase space gift, if you do not think the future and customer service communication trouble, you can also request later gift. But if you haven’t decided to use the LunarPages system, it is recommended that you do not provide him with free domain name registration, use your own domain name or he provides two domain names, because LunarPages is to support 30 days for a full refund, if you use his free domain name, then the refund is to deduct the cost of the domain name.

3, in this space, it is best to use the same name or mailbox registered domain name.

4, renew before first and customer contact, required to enjoy the highest preferential policies, rather than the usual $7.95 / month, then the customer will give you a special discount to renew the link.

5, unlimited space, traffic, and the number of sites, does not mean you can use unlimited resources, because foreign hosts are limited to the use of cpu. If you choose the site program is not very good, traffic is too large, resulting in excessive occupancy of CPU, will be suspended access.

6, now the domestic visit to the United States web site is still good, general web site is no problem. But browsing through larger forums, downloads, videos, and classes doesn’t have to be built abroad, unless you are

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