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sales skills are skills that you can master only if you hone your experience in the sales process. Want to be a successful professional sales staff, in addition to master and skilled use of these professional sales skills, but also continue to learn all kinds of relevant knowledge to enrich themselves, improve their own quality. Sales is a work with people, only customer recognition and acceptance of your personal quality, the customer is likely to buy your product, you can succeed. Here is your summary of some small sales skills, what is not correct, the imperfect place also need to correct


enterprise website chapter:

The importance of the

enterprise website speaks for itself. But a lot of small IDC enterprises do not pay attention to this one, because there is no professional marketing thinking of the sales staff, just buy a space with points up, don’t know how to establish a reasonable, focused to the customer, impressive, marketing effect website, as the website simple understanding is the name card can be printed on the decoration, it is too shallow. Truly excellent website, to fully reflect the spirit of the enterprise, it is necessary to structure a reasonable, focused enterprise advantages, to the intention of customers in the mind to leave a little different. The website has, with the domain name of the domain name as the suffix enterprise mailbox, also got together, looks like it will be more formal. It also includes a web back office system and a simple customer self-service system. In fact, many times we have a lot of time in dealing with their peers will find a problem, perhaps a person’s company because the site is well done, impressed us, then we will respect the company, but actually they are just SOHO. At present I come into contact with IDC company should be said that the website is done so that I can have a deep impression should be XXX in the company’s website to quell the bright color, rich in content, simple but not simple, the IDC website should be considered quite offbeat.


on related, unrelated business sites or BBS, as soon as you have time, post and promote your company and products. In order not to waste time, prepare materials, the content of the post, each server, and a good grasp of key words, such as: "Shanghai Telecom server" "hard room in Shanghai". Focus on timely updating of data. Pay more attention to your company domain name when conditions permit. Key several major sites, we must focus on doing a good job. Like Alibaba, Taobao, Baidu, Chinaz, IDC, China Forum, IDC China Forum, Tianya, including our IDC China forum. Such large traffic and industry websites. Because many customers looking for suppliers, is directly to Alibaba or other types of commercial sites, direct search related suppliers. Here again, the importance of the following key words, the generic names and professional names mentioned in the product, and the words that are most frequently used in customer search are called keywords. Many salesmen complain about the bad results, including I have >

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