Endless inventory of several categories for personal Adsense to make money site

is a kind of personal webmaster should crowd more number in the network, but not much really make money in the network of people! And others in the chat to the time development and the way of individual stationmaster, many people are not optimistic! Think more and more people network now, many in the industry or is lost the business ideas are in the network to test! Now the network competition is very big! But I personally think that the opportunity and crisis always coexist, past network less, is a problem of people’s consciousness, on the other hand is used to do the network cost more now! A domain name, a space of only tens of dollars, which makes more people try to make money online, the same one is more important, with the development of network, Internet and network users more and more, it also brings us not small Business opportunity, so we should look on the positive side and try our best to believe that we can win our own day in the Internet!


well, a few websites here about several suitable for individual owners to do a lot! Just entering the network of people, always feel no direction, do not know what to do stand! And a considerable number of people started to do a similar Tencent and Sina as the war, this is not only time consuming, but also must be the development of up! So that direction is more important than the effort of


blog: I said the blog is not only refers to the blog, such as some small integrated portal also belong to this category! How to delimit them? It is mainly on the ability to update personal! As you a day to update an article, so do the blog is the best choose! This is why I say just entering the network of new entertainment station is very difficult to succeed! Is a daily entertainment gossip so a person simply innumerable, not to update; on the other hand from large sites (like Tencent, Sina and the like) of the competition, so that even updated nobody attention! Choose this kind of website to update their ability to understand, also is to have their own exclusive "broke", also is the original network! And why so many people choose a blog blog? Last update is convenient; on the other hand, blog is a selling personal "brand" blog! Do not only can earn some advertising, but also to promote their own business! The most important thing is to record their grow up in the network, the Internet brand shaping their own


2, the movie: I put something like a movie station, station pictures or some thief program class site as one of those! This class has the same characteristics is not updated! A lot of people will say that acquisition of web search engines in the search engine is not included or not good the ranking engine! Here I first said, the search engine not included this station, one is currently on these sites program has specific pseudo original function, on the other hand, this kind of website’s official repository is a lot like Baidu! On websites such as 07 years, I remember 07 years at that time Marx, is not included! My last month with a movie station program to do the test station.

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