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today read the king Wang’s article: "three years to do the forum, realize the 10 principles," with emotion. I have been wandering in the webmaster online for a long time, basically every day will read all the wonderful article. But I have never written the soft Wen, here today with the help of the king of the article to make a start, talk about what I have recently done a station experience.

It is true that

must stand in the right direction when doing a station. So I have been looking for directions, but unfortunately, looking for a long time, but also prepared for a long time, is still not ideal. The so-called "An army marches on its stomach.", a year ago, I registered a domain name,, because English website GG high income, so I want to do a kind of product user guide, similar description of the English website, but also abroad behind thought space, domain name is CN, and the instructions so many products English version of how to engage in the project is too vast, it temporarily abandoned.

then let this domain name idle for a year, but when buying only 20 yuan / year, and no loss. A year later renewals, more expensive, I can’t let this domain wasted here, so think of it as a web site. What is the name of this domain better? The domain name means user guide, user manual, and should be a helpful website. So, it has made a website resource network, equipped with a technical exchange forum, took a resounding name, Venus technology resources network.

forum, and now the post is also very few, because they do not want to copy online paste other people’s things, want to write something original, but written, written, found powerless. Feel a little boring, think about this technical exchange forum, how can you with webmaster nets, outdated, these forums than, and other strong technical communication station is more than ah. How long will it take you to make them feel like that? This starting point and direction is not new, just anxious thought to be a stand up domain name renewals? I still think about that.

, therefore, is always a contradiction between persistence and abandonment. Time passes by, and the domain name space is spent. And the content of the website and the post of forum, popularity does not grow actually. You can’t go on like this,


so when I saw the king of figure on the forum posts, some of them very good, such as seventh, the forum seems easy, member of post, you do, wrong, you have to make the post, you are not posting, what allows members to post, can make Zhuo Qin is the day of training, especially when you have no forum features and content. Yes, this is the situation in my forum now, so I have to do my best to post or write original. Before they are still waiting for other people to exchange to post, this is not good. What’s more, the forum sections of my forum are quite different and should not be that bad.


wants to do now is, post, promotion, collect popularity. Don’t try to be done? The webmaster said: selected direction, stick to it!

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