Earth’s strongest nvestor the only thing that limits him is imaginationChen Danian for 16 years,

you know, grand to the company played a positive role in China Internet, because not only was the grand Chinese most profitable Internet Co and China users of the largest Internet Co in 2000, and it around the Internet for the first time when the bubble bursts, but also re-establish confidence of capital China Internet industry.

Milner rose to fame when he was in the financial crisis of 2008. At that time, the investment sector was depressed, and even Facebook could not finance it. As soon as Milner heard the news, he immediately called Facebook’s CFO and ended up with the other party

then I began to reflect on the idea: "go ahead and try your best!"

, an alternative Russian billionaire, has been dubbed the "most powerful investor in the world" by Wall Street; he has invested in almost all of the best known Internet Co and is the "gold owner" behind many Chinese giants. And now he’s looking for aliens with Hocking.

in the United States, let Milner in Russia "is not" people talk about the Internet, you can contact to the forefront of information, it is also seen as Morgan Stanley star analysts an article on the Internet business report, a big shock, he decided to set up its own investment company DST Digital Sky Technologies, specializing in the field of internet.

, it was the cold war period, and the competitions between nations influenced the children what they wanted to be when they grew up. Milner wanted to be a scientist, so the University chose the subject of theoretical physics, and then went to the Soviet Academy of sciences.

2, rethinking


however, when this is successful, it seems to us and the industry as a whole that the logic of "going out of business" is right. In addition, another is because we desperately feel panic, not to miss an opportunity may be lost. So, we continue to work so hard. But things changed later.

The regulars on the

‘s advanced exploration into outer space is inseparable from his growing experience. Milner was born in 1961, the former Soviet cosmonaut Yuri ·. Gagarin successfully flew around the earth in the year and became the first person in space travel. Milner’s parents named him Yuri. Therefore, this name is equivalent to our "national foundation" and "National Day", and has a distinctive brand of the times.

1, founded Shanda

battle race story we heard more: unarmed defeat brown bear, tanks open to the streets, should jump square dance aunt carrying AK47…… The rich are tough, of course is no exception: the former richest man Abramovich warrior was born, stole gas, prison; now the richest Lucius Maarof is an occupation swordsman, entered the national team, or the European Fencing Association President, have been in prison.

then I thought to myself, "this is not a scientific thing, because I’ve been watching a TV series since I was a kid. It’s a similar story: a person has been successful in business, drink a little wine every day, drive a car and play chess.". Why did I become so desperate every day, and finally put myself in the hospital,

rich list are mostly tough guys like Putin, the physicist’s investment heavyweights Yuri ·: Milner looks like a little sheep.

but before Milner was able to do something in the field of science, the turmoil in the country overturned the fate of the individual again. The Soviet ruble, instability, uncertainty, so his father sent him to the American economist, an MBA from the Walton School of business. Later, I went into Wall Street to accumulate experience in investment.

at that time, the capital believes that the eyeball economy, but many investors in China for many years, still can not see the hope of profit, and Usa Network Inc has been selling advertising live very well. At this time, we have a grand online game Note: Shanda launched the MMORPG game in 2000, "Legend of blood", suddenly opened the market, and began to make money, but also made a lot of money. Then the investor said, "Gee, China can make money, but the way China earns money is different from that in the United States.".


more than 10 years ago, I and crystal Note: famous investors, Harvard Center person in charge just met, Shanda just started, when we average work time of nearly 15 hours a day, only a year to rest for seven days. We grew up with the traditional success education, such as the "rich" people for having heard it many times, "the reason for my success is other people’s time to drink coffee for learning", and "leaders must take the lead" and so on, and we have been in this state of mind at work.

later, the grand success.

and rich predecessors from the energy industry, investment in the Internet by Milner fortune, if the former is connected to the past, he is pointing to the future: the Internet, artificial intelligence, and even with the search for extraterrestrial life with Hocking.

around 2006, our two brothers went to hospitals more and more. Probably very few people know that there is an extremely pathological reaction called near death experience. When I first experienced it, it was under an overpass in Pudong. At ten in the evening, the street lights on the overpass were chilly and cold. I lay on the ground, looked up days, waiting for the ambulance, but my heart has been confirmed in a few minutes, I will die. However, later rescued, but the body collapsed, and recuperation to today, can not afford the normal work intensity.

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