How to dig out the real demand of nternet productsFind your sister, the publisher approved the list

share listed on the new board before the era of equity structure Tencent technology plan

needs are people’s needs or desires for a given period of time, and the desire to buy in economics. When we collect user requirements, often stay at the surface level, what is what the user said, but users say is not the real needs of the real needs of the product manager needs to make the greatest efforts to mining user.

Lin update to subscribe for 200000 shares in money, the new shareholders Chen in money to subscribe for 200000 shares of new shareholders, Du Haitao in money to subscribe for 200000 shares of new shareholders star Tianjin enterprise management consulting center limited partnership to subscribe for 1587500 shares in currency; existing shareholders shares of the company are not the issuance of the subscription shares.

share of the end of the times, net assets were 22967320.07 yuan, 10764741.54 yuan, 327055.33 yuan. Despite the share of the times, even losing 3 years, share the times, but successfully pulled into the Quan Ren, Chen He, Du Haitao, Lin update and other star shares.


June 2015 share the actual control of the era of Wang Xin holdings invested 1 million 603 thousand and 100 yuan to 9 million yuan transferred to any Zhenquan formerly known as Quan Ren, after the transfer, Quan Ren shares accounted for 9% of the total share capital.

product design process needs to consider people’s hearing, vision, taste, touch and other human related characteristics, but also can be extended to people’s psychological activities and social situation. Internet products, is actually the expression of natural sciences and Social Sciences, the social sciences here including sociology, psychology and so on, because people are emotional, subjective, the code of the implementation process is logical and rigorous. This also requires us to pay more attention to some rational level, to explore the real idea of people, the form follows the content, the product follows the heart.

first, let’s look at a description. Someone asked what Zhang San’s demand is now. Zhang San answered, "BMW" and "imported". Then three needs whether it is imported BMW car? Maybe not, maybe import Audi car can meet the needs of the Zhang San, but we can not only analyze here, to dig deeper things, to the BMW car doing? Perhaps to travel to convenient and save time; perhaps vanity in order to facilitate global MM. Once we find the hidden demand, we can design a substitute to meet the user’s real needs, so as to save the high cost of importing BMW. We do Internet products are the same, not only concerned about the needs of the user’s face, and to tap the real needs, in order to design the right products.

"find your sister" era before the developers to share by neeq Co. the consent letter listed, this means sharing era will soon landed three new board.

what is demand?

we can analyze some social products, such as ‘s stealth function, difference SNS community real picture and non real picture, Sina micro-blog instant conversation function, the main function seems these features are not the product, is some ancillary functions, so why do these functions, the reason lies in the people individual psychological expression of such deep inside the real needs in groups, these functions can allow users to have a sense of presence and a sense of security in the social process, but also to meet the user to express the desire. However, these functions will not tell you that he really want real avatar or non photorealistic avatar settings, we have to analyze.

2, what do users want?

Chen He, Du Haitao, Lin update to assault shares, in February 15, 2016, the registered capital of the company will share the times increased from 17 million 812 thousand and 500 yuan to 20 million yuan, the issuance of 2187500 shares of common stock, par value of 1 yuan, the issue price of 2.50 yuan;

1, listening to users does not mean listening to users. Many times, we listen to the user to explain the demand, will fall into the user’s thinking inside, to think that the user is talking about what they really want, this is not objective enough. Many users do not know what their real needs, the need to end products or similar products to put in front of the user, to thinking about the real needs of users, so users can not express their real needs.


"find your sister" has been hot north and south, sharing the era was founded in 2011, the main mobile games, publishing and other services. In addition to "find your sister", but also the agent issued "cut rope", "bear infested star eradication", "Altman war small monster" and other games.

however, "find your sister" not to share the times bring high profits, sharing era in 2015 1-10 month, 2014, 2013, revenues were 23192966.05 yuan, 4183196.05 yuan, 2694911.24 yuan, net profit was -4943974.22 yuan, -3062313.79 yuan, -128118.60 yuan.


pulled into so many star shares, share Times said, plans to build a new platform to achieve the pan entertainment ecological fans, the development of mobile phone game publishers, Internet digital content development, traffic management, IP management and pan entertainment.

after the shares, Quan Ren up to the listing of new three board holdings of up to 8.02%, Chen, Du Haitao, Lin, respectively, update 1% holdings.

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