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a lot of times we sigh, "what kind of enterprise is this? They are just creating miracles, and what surprised me most was even after a long, intense job."

submarine fishing is a traditional enterprise in the "team first, product second" to achieve the ultimate company. How did you do it,


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was fishing at the bottom of the sea. I was surprised by the many things I saw because they were legendary stories about successful companies only in books. The manager’s regular meeting said the company was building a retirement apartment for its loyal employees and encouraged everyone in a few minutes, like Konosuke Matsushita’s speech on the 250 year plan. As long as the work time, all employees will not stop to rest, screeners duty equivalent electrical in end plate boarding peak dish; dish member came later to go back to the food is always a basket of dirty dishes; closing before boarding the trough, pantry staff, service staff, security guards to wash the dishes wash the dishes, wash the dishes, the efficiency is only in McDonald’s had; manager and assistant manager, after the hall manager always appear in the busiest place to work than many skilled workers also deft.

2, a manager who moved 10 customers a day, might as well move 5 employees a day.

, but look at the details of the N on the shore. It’s very shocking.

of course, there are more advanced weapons, such as the Internet Co’s options mechanism.

distinguished League members, hello everyone!


submarine fishing

: the Sibelius staff

phone: 010-51692624-145

submarine fishing has a very strong philosophy: the staff as a person. You know, millet has also made sea fishing as a learning object. Millet co-founder Li Wanqiang recently wrote the millet internal manual "participation", which even mentioned a sentence: team first, product second.

= undercover sea fishing line:

3, the magical union organization. The conditions for joining the trade union are quite strict, and the most crucial one is to take an oath to work in the seabed for the rest of his life until he retires, even if the sea bottom is broken. This is a hard worker mechanism.

recently saw a wonderful undercover diary, a well-known catering company employee undercover submarine Xibei village fishing for several months, wrote a long word tens of thousands of sea fishing experience, it is inside, it is dry cargo, really secret.

1, man is more important than system. There are many systems, such as their salary system, promotion system, new staff training system, new staff reception system and so on. But we can also think of Sibelius: there are many very detailed service standards, a lot of good management system. The problem is that our system is sleepy, and the fishing system is full of energy.

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