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at the same time, over the years, apart from the continued dedication to technology and products, I am also constantly pondering people’s problems. sh419’s talent concept is to recruit the best people, give the biggest space, see the final result, and make the excellent people stand out. When enough people, must let the good people and good people, the efforts of the people and those who do not work hard, people with passion and passion people distinguish, only the company have the culture and environment in order to truly let those who have the ability and contribution of the people have the opportunity. So, this is from the people’s point of view, some problems need to think of the ideal. >

There are views of hundreds of people



business process to date has been almost 13 years, experienced all sorts of difficulties, every year about one or two times will think this thing is too difficult, really do not go on, this bridge if don’t go, the company will be finished, but the most after each such a thing is over, all get through.

the most important reason is that I have an ideal in my mind. I also want more people to benefit from what I do, so that people can get information more easily and equally and find what they want. Ideals are very important to a person. We learn to manage. It is not the essence of one person achieving an ideal, but the more it is with a group of like-minded people to accomplish an ideal. As professor Kwelch mentioned, in sh419, people work together to make a great thing for the common ideal. We should learn how to manage it. We should learn not only by ourselves, but by more people to do one thing together and make a great or greater thing.

may, the monthly income of 2000 of the number of people easily over 2000 yuan, perhaps There are plenty of people who, just a close to the wages of the employees, but regardless, I want to share my experience to you, we want to help.

sh419 CEO Robin Li

my shop every day, a day to do five or six single business, a monthly profit of about 2500 yuan, in addition to the monthly payment of 50 yuan network space maintenance fees, send goods costs 200 yuan, 100 yuan fee, PHS phone broadband telecommunications costs about 70 yuan per month. The net income of 2000 yuan.

my old computer sold for $2400. My first business was in college. At that time, want to own more than a year with computer sold to scrape together some money to buy a new one, in the promotional information network billion made a transfer of information, but also the way with the roommate’s digital camera pictures on top. "I received 3 calls that afternoon to see the goods." Two days later, my old computer was sold to a freshman. The price was 2400 yuan. "I began to sell computer accessories on the internet."

in June this year, a graduate from the sea I wasn’t looking for work, basically every day at home in front of the computer with four or five hours. However, my parents did not "work" expressed dissatisfaction with me, because I graduated in less than 2 months, I now nearly 2000 yuan monthly income. "My present job is to set up shop online and sell computer accessories and other digital products.". If you’re doing the right thing, it’s not necessary to add more computers and people, and keep this as a career."

a computer running 4 about 4000 yuan, 3000~5000 yuan of liquidity, 300 yuan of online space application fees, a 4 million pixel digital camera about 3000 yuan and I myself is set up shop all inputs.

has just begun, I basically are in the promotional information network information million selling accessories, mostly through on a good price, another time and place of delivery of money. Later, the computer city stroll more and more people, "prices, we all know very well, it is difficult to make money more."". Goods online is best equipped with "art photos", after a friend’s introduction, I moved my business to eBay, Taobao. "Online shop is actually very simple, according to the rules of the website, the monthly rent of 50 yuan, in addition, there is no other costs, very little investment."." However, online shop must be >

in addition to the ideal, I think it is more important, how to let every people around, people in a team, subordinate superiors together for a common ideal to make one thing, I think this is as the manager needs to consider. When the earliest sh419 started, I was lazy and said I could find a CEO in the future. He was a professional manager and knew all the management. And I’m a technical guy, and my product and technology is fine, so for the first five years of sh419, the company didn’t have CEO. My position was always president. Until 2005, the company to be listed, the lawyer began to write the prospectus to ask who is the chairman and CEO? Then had no choice but to put me up, even if I have a dream, I should just three people, a CTO, a COO, a CFO, the rest of all let they, in the sh419 listed before I did realize this organization. Later found not, some things no matter I have problems, some executives for the same reasons left, now report directly to me. There are seven or eight people, I had to give up no matter what can make the idea.

many users are watching the news in an online chat game stage, is also a day with broadband fees, telephone charges and their time? Have you ever thought of people gathering place is money. Have you ever thought of doing some small business on the Internet, accumulating little wealth, imitating Ma, making e-commerce, etc. I’ll talk about my experience, and maybe I can give you some enlightenment.

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