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      my personal website from the end of October 2004 shlf1314 AdSense support Chinese website began to apply for shlf1314 publishers, but in the early AD click rate is very low, usually only about 0.5%, in 1 years time, after three times of simple optimization, the current average advertising record 3%, click on the AdSense advertising commission income from the initial monthly $more than 30 increase to the current more than $2000 including later provided shlf1314 product promotion revenue. The effect is, of course, because the number of visits to the site is growing, but the optimization of website advertising is still playing a decisive role.

      after these changes, my average ad click rate in a very short period of time:

via, pandodaily

, entrepreneurs in Losangeles and New York, are beginning to see why Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are starting to use the 2 model of electricity providers on a large scale. Typical consumers are a lagging indicator of a concept’s aesthetic fatigue, rather than a leading indicator.


      the first batch of advertising, in fact there is no optimization analysis of consciousness, nor on the user access to information, but according to the original web page template layout, appropriate advertisement code added. The first time the optimization is also very simple, just according to the statistical data of custom advertising channels, will click on the low rate of ads, such as "Top 60 468× advertising unit, page templates right 160× 600 skyscraper ad unit, and 728& times; 90 banners placed to the main navigation bar below Web page.

      at the beginning of my first few months on the shlf1314 AdSense website content related advertising, I noticed that the average click rate is about 0.5%, some even as low as 0.1% channels, at first did not think, think that this text ad click rate is not high is a normal phenomenon. A chance to see an introduction to shlf1314 AdSense successful case, the ad click rate is 1.5%, this is the first time for your website advertising model has generated the "optimization" idea.

why is my website advertising hit rate of only 0.5%?

, and in the sales and product transportation links, consumers look forward to the electricity supplier to provide free services.


if you’re like me, Zulily financing $85 million, the valuation of $1 billion news is estimated to make you do not understand. Of course, their revenue capacity has reached $500 million a year, but in the electricity supplier sector, we have seen a lot of other growth figures, attractive enterprises.

from this icon, only three companies are higher than the industry average, namely Amazon, Fab and Zulily. That’s why investors think Fab and Zulily are among the industry’s leaders.

now, see their comparison with the industry.

Gilt, the originator of the web site, has struggled with his continued growth, profitability, poor work, and the sale of low quality goods. According to the Wall Street journal, Gilt’s CEO Kevin Ryan may soon lose its job. Other survivors, such as One, Kings and Fab, are losing ground on user loyalty. At the same time, the outlook for the things-in-a-box model and the daily trading model looks bad.


      if you’re already a shlf1314 AdSense content publisher, if you want your site to get higher income, it’s important to get a better understanding of shlf1314’s optimization advice. In the shlf1314 AdSense online support page also provides more content can refer to, here according to my own experience to optimize the personal website of shlf1314 advertising, give you some personal advice, I hope to help other webmaster.

see the weekly count of Fab and Zulily in comScore statistics.

what’s the relationship with valuations? There’s a consensus in the industry that Andreessen Horowitz is always paying more. The following icon lets you see more clearly. Like the offline world, passenger flow is the most important indicator.

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