Do you really understand the keyword density

website keyword density should be? A lot of people are asking this question, according to the conventional argument should be 2% to 8%, today we talk about the keyword density and not want to tell you what is the keyword density, the intention of this article is to correct an error view of everyone. The concept of keyword density itself is a good theory, but slowly understood by some people to lead in the wrong direction, until today, there are a lot of people in this circle turn inside out. Now when we optimize the site, will be the keyword density as a important basis for the search engine to determine the site keywords, there is no doubt that this is absolutely correct, but there is the keyword density the word definition of misunderstanding, we say a detailed below.


two, keyword density, the real meaning of

keyword density refers to the proportion the number of keywords in the page for full text. In general, the greater the keyword density, the correlation of the current web page is higher, so the influence of the rankings is bigger, we say here is the natural keyword density must be generated, stack keywords approach is absolutely wrong.

first look at a search engine crawling process and crawl the page, the general web search engines will do a preliminary processing, the main program is to decompose ", remove out of order code, then extract pages inside the text content, when extracting text content, the content will be decomposition into a monolingual, and then re combined into the database.

today is the gist of this procedure in the decomposition of text above, know how to love Shanghai text again after decomposition combination will be able to get to the keyword density problem. For example keywords this article "Dwiggins gasholder tightness test" (a little taste of long tail keywords, we -_-!) as a keyword with such a long word, just to explain the next step so that we can more clearly understand the meaning of the key word density. The long words are love apart after Shanghai will become "the words of Dwiggins / dry / cabinet / gas tightness / test", if the article do not appear in the "Dwiggins dry gas tank air tightness test" the key words, then use the tool to query the keywords in the page, the current density zero, but in fact it is not so, in fact, this page keyword density, should be separated from the "Dwiggins" and "dry" and "gas cabinet" "tight" to "test" the words in the pages of the times.

, what is the keyword density

but when the page is included, it is still the key words "Dwiggins gasholder tightness test". When some students want to ask, since it is still the key, then love Shanghai to take it apart to turn what is the significance? "

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