How to do the double search engine and user experience

site layout is very important, directly affect the experience of the major search engines on the web site, the team must cooperate and interact with each other in the structure of the website design, must from the user experience and search engine optimization, for new sites, in the construction process must be carried out to improve the basic functions, mainly for the search engine in particular, need a reasonable sitemap.xml map, the map function is to let the search engine spiders more convenient to understand the overall structure of web crawling. And there are 301 permanent redirection, making 404 page robots.txt document, dead link processing settings, these must be processed and continue to improve, these are the basic work of each station, must be repeated well, do fine.

1, improve web page loading speed

webmaster how to do search engine experience

1, the old domain investment

web page open speed is directly related to whether the user can quickly enter the web browsing, so the importance of the page loading speed is self-evident. The user’s patience is often not stand the test, if the page loading speed.

How to do

for search engines, domain name age older search engine trust, which directly affect the experience of the search engine on the web. So in the website at the beginning of the operation, we must consider the domain name age, if you choose to buy second-hand old domain, this time must be through the analysis of specific data, analysis of whether there is a value of the old domain existing data, the purchase price is reasonable and the appreciation of how much space. The Internet has many tools to be able to simply on the historical data of the site for archiving and access, through these tools to understand website development process, to observe whether there have been serious problems with the search engine. The purchase of the old domain name must be carefully chosen, can also use other web site operators with higher weights two level domain name.

webmaster user experience

The search engine user experience and value

, which accounts for the ranking of the factors increasing the proportion of more and more high. As the website webmaster, have to constantly adapt to the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, timely response measures. In recent times, the search engine algorithm to adjust the focus of consideration is the user experience, we can see the importance of the user experience can not be ignored. If you want to become a good webmaster, must be based on the user experience point of view of the measures, the only way to fall in love with the sea love Shanghai remain the same survival of the fittest algorithms, of course, there are also a lot to be eliminated. So, as a webmaster how to search engine experience process, and enhance the user experience? Especially should pay attention to when the conflict between them, the user experience is always the first.

2, website layout


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