How do foreign Wangzhuan earn dollarsHow to play after raising all the shares in a dead end


4, the opening of international network bank

must go to the bank to apply for a bank card and online banking function. Best choice ICBC, China bank, China Merchants Bank, Construction Bank of these four.

‘s legal status is unknown, and is always the "sword of Damour and

I according to whether Wangzhuan abroad require participants to have a website for the standard will be divided into two categories:

stake in all venture capital projects to some extent still traditional VC/PE investment behavior online, in essence, still belong to high-risk, high-yield equity investment behavior, the national angel investors is a pseudo proposition. China card

first don’t mix up, here about Internet banking Internet banking is said above, the network bank is used to cash $third party payment platform, such as domestic Alipay belongs to Internet banking, but now Alipay has not become an international network of bank, because it currently supports only rmb. No international network bank how do Wangzhuan abroad? PayPal, Alertpay two is the two largest Internet bank currently do Wangzhuan collection use, especially PP, almost all sites support PP payment, so we want to do Wangzhuan friends.


with the electricity supplier giants and financial institutions have established VC/PE and encroach on the public to raise equity business, which is increasingly fierce competition and rapid occupation of foam squeezed out. According to the net loan home published "April 2016 public raising industry report" shows that the first 4 months of this year’s national public platform to shut down 43. At present, the domestic equity raised platform after the reshuffle began after the "great divergence", some do diversified platform, some take the small and beautiful route: the former such as Jingdong boss, 36 krypton; the latter as everyone voted mainly engaged in store private equity financing, a network focused on the pharmaceutical and health industry to raise public equity.

1, English, or a little more,

here refers to this kind of project you attend, choose carefully check whether the site is reliable, for example, first you can look at the website the overall look is not simple and generous; they can see the payment is complete, at least most of the regular payment sites in PP/AP two. Also, you can check if they have a special forum, even if it is a message board, to observe the above message, the evaluation of the site is how, and if the forum / message board no one speaks, it is doubtful.

Do Wangzhuan

traditional VC/PE institutions do exist financing efficiency is low, the audit cycle long malpractice, let more and more grassroots entrepreneurs hope relying on the emerging equity congregation raised platform. In the magnificent national start-ups, financing has become just need a platform to raise public shareholding has finally started to "counter attack", 2014 new equity raised platform reached 54, in 2015 the equity raised platform in the "Internet plus" and "double" policy of showing "wildfire" prairie trend.

project is now very common, the most familiar should still click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, mail, surfing hang these items. Yes, the participation of such projects is relatively simple, you do not need to have a web site, you do not need to invest, as long as you register as a member, you can begin to make money, to do such projects, there are a few points need to be noted.

so, to raise public equity game platform and regulatory level how profound influence to raise industry development? Why equity raised platform business model itself in a predicament? Equity raised platform is ultimately a feather, or create a new Internet financial path? The author tries to make the following analysis.


as we all know, only listed companies can raise funds for public offerings, and "for entrepreneurs," the stock raising platform is doomed to mediate with the existing securities system and regulatory system. Venture projects on the Internet to raise investment funds, whether suspected of illegal fund-raising, venture capital failure rate of more than 80%, the Internet lowered the threshold for investors, whether the "high-risk assets retail"


3, opening online banking

2, when choosing projects, pay more attention to

is foreign Wangzhuan project, it is English things, although it can use translation tool, but know little English better than not know well, is it possible to use all the translation of it, the more trouble ah, huh.


in the new normal economic downward pressure increasing, entrepreneurship and innovation by the governor as a strategic starting point to boost the economy, security of employment, public equity raised platform into the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises timely, thus existing legal regulatory system for the public to raise equity mode has been sidelined, and timely release some "ambiguous" position.

I do Wangzhuan also have a day, which sour, sweet, bitter, hot everything, currently in development scale China Wangzhuan industry lags behind other countries, so now do Wangzhuan is mainly made of foreign projects, since it is a foreign project that is naturally has some special requirements, such as basic English or need, and because all of these sites in a foreign country so the choice to be more careful, otherwise the loss is very difficult to recover, especially the need of investment project. So today I will talk about how to do Wangzhuan abroad, say wrong, please enlighten.

, a web site does not need Wangzhuan project

is to raise public Internet brings people "Aladdin lamp", intelligent product has not yet produced a fan of whimsy for start-up money purchase, in a very short period of time, even venture equity and debt can also be "online shopping", is no longer just before the participants to raise the public consumers, dream sponsor, may also become a legend in "angel investors".

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