Keywords in the competition to determine the degree of how much do the chain every day

1, the target keyword unpopular, generally unpopular keywords are less competitive, and your competitors also estimated 2,3, not too much, this time to do how to decide the number of the chain? It is actually very simple, with competitors as reference, development period on the site, check the chain case they have, how much, where they do most of the chain website every day to do a few outside the chain number, we do more than he or he did almost as long as the internal website content quality is not bad and the site does not appear special questions, usually in 2 months on home even before 3.

but to do first, rely on these is not enough, do not write rival chain contact, but also to the quality of the chain more, usually in some weight high website forum, blog articles or comments with signature, or write a soft Wen exchange platform to publish their own websites among friends the chain, the chain and the effect is very good, but beyond the competitors, ranking first to only a matter of time.

every day?

believe that the chain of friends all know, no target chain makes people tired, but also very irritable, especially in do not know how much a chain of the situation, so many webmaster or novice friends are asking whether the chain every day to do what the right answer, but also many. That is almost not too much, want to have a degree or no limit, not a The more, the better., accurate information. I personally feel that a person’s energy is limited, can not be endless into the chain, the chain is too tired and too boring, not one or two days to fix, and there are many other things to do. So I think also there are ways to do outside the chain, to have a clear goal, to have the appropriate reference. I’m here to provide you with a method that is based on keywords website is not the same, to determine the number, the chain method, target. How to determine the amount of keywords through a chain of

2, target keywords competitive high words, these words are generally more competitors, 7, 8 large website competitiveness how to say, only the number of the chain is certainly unable to get good rankings, of course, the number must have, but the key lies in the quality of the chain. A high quality of the chain include: relevance, universality, weight, stability. That is to say the chain site right important high, such as the previous message said, in weight high website posting; the chain content and site related to high, in the same forum, some of the chain blog; outside the chain to be diverse, widely, for example: forums, blogs, articles, bookmarks, classified information, Links, quiz, site classification catalogues, reviews, sprocket, bottles, SNS, micro-blog, Youdao quick stick, all kinds of love in Shanghai library, Sina encyclopedia, dictionary and so on the chain, choose some suitable sites, effect is a good way to do; to the stability of the chain of those sites to delete posts on the other, and the quality must be high, or even close.

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