Several points for attention in the development of advertising allianceNovice to do dynamic Taobao c

now in twenty-first Century, no network can not ah, and now the Internet world has stove, stove. Everyone wants to make money, make a fortune, I also not listed, nor will you tell everyone listed, Taobao, Taobao in the network is an awesome e-commerce platform, why don’t we use this opportunity to open a road and the road to success? In front of millionaires waiting for you, penny. All of you, mami female. At this time, a rookie is daydreaming, I began my Taobao Road, the so-called Taobao customers, that is, refund Taobao products to profit or gain. Rookie understanding

3. the amount deducted, webmaster said no buckle of alliance, alliance deducted amount is linked with the reputation, the profit is divided from the alliance in the CPA, such as registration, some union is 3 yuan, it is 2 yuan, which does not belong to the deduction amount, may be a channel different, if the owners have 10 registered, but showed only 5, then it is half of the amount deducted. In fact, this is the case. Most of the league members are playing the game. I believe time will knock out these alliances.

advertising alliance still has great potential for development, and needs a lot of improvement. I believe that with the development of the Internet, the advertising alliance will become more and more standardized and mature.

4. services, and now very few alliances, customer service forums or customer service centers, some individuals are also no management, such as Adsense mail service system is doing very well. There is no alliance can do 24 hours of service, many unions in the evening to find individuals can not find, you should know, the webmaster is the most active time in the evening.

2. stability, advertising can not often occur, can not open the situation is intolerable, whether it is offensive or policy worth mentioning.

1. degree of credibility, the credibility of the advertising alliance is the foundation for survival, alliance exist, such as pay every Wednesday, due to pay, may occasionally have what result can’t pay, until Thursday, the owners have every reason to believe that you will take your money run away, reputation is a long-term accumulation of hard work, if you want to be ready, must cherish the reputation.


I’ve been doing this for ninth days and I can’t hold on. No confidence, so do not do this promotion, probably not promotion, 4 days, 5 days or so. I went backstage again and saw nothing. So the bomb was even stronger than the United States, and it was stronger than the atom bomb. I then calm down, a good analysis, why did not income Nepal, is not my integrity, ah, AI, anyway, all kinds of thought, and I then confidence

do not understand what I began to Taobao customers entering a stage of understanding, can be said to be the "first entered the cottage rookie, understand I read many related papers in the Taobao customer online, said some Taobao customers like into the toilet, you will fall into the pit, but from time to time will let you sit like a rocket to the ball, enjoy the taste of the night. Say this is because the majority of Taobao of the guest in question, do something, don’t give up halfway, even if the world is on don’t give up my rookie understanding now I once to go, I will go at the end of my argument. Need confidence and patience, can be said to be waiting! No matter the way to groundless talk, hold on! I like a Taobao station Kiki store www.meqiqi site time in January 28, 2011 as it is a single page new year was built. I started with 2-3 days built and hung up the page, product pictures and various links! Began networking entrance to a variety of boss the so-called sh419 GG search seems to be 1 in February, it was just made shortly after sh419 included on the first page of me, Amen should be happy.

A5 starter

next is promotion, I want to also want to go there to promote Nigeria, so found a lot of online related tutorials and information. Then enter the second stage of the Taobao "youth Sheng fire" Rookie understanding that a plan is forum sh419 to know more of an advertisement, the others go to the blog and leave a message, like chat, not what complex. I don’t have much free time every day, so I’ve been holding on for 7 days and 8 days. I was so impatient, look at the rich gold? So to see guest alliance. AI, or not, the heart is very short,

Adsense relationship with the alliance is very special, on the one hand, most of the webmaster to rely on the alliance to survive, on the other hand, most Adsense will complain about the amount of League deduction. The development of the alliance is nothing more than the following:

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