Five reasons to love Shanghai interpretation index and the actual flow is not proportional to the


we can see the user clicks on search results show heat is a "F" shape, that is to say in the shape of a F search results in search of the most readily available >

love Shanghai index and ranking

for sex optimization of Shanghai friends, love Shanghai index has been a noticeable data information. We will use love Shanghai index to mining keywords, long tail keywords, analysis of the site and so on. You can love Shanghai play a very important role in the index.


The actual flow of

There has been a

search for the search results page click on the temperature survey, the survey results are shown below.

2: how users browse and click on the search results

as we continue to depend on the love of Shanghai index at the same time, if you find love Shanghai index data and the real traffic is not necessarily proportional to. Sometimes love Shanghai high index, but the difference between the obtained flux. As the author of the site, which has a love Shanghai index is 255 words, but from the one word for traffic is only 112, a difference of more than half. As shown below.

1: invalid click No search

obtained by


invalid search refers to the search after search, but do not click. Why? Because the search engine does not accord with his appetite, for example, you are a special sale of apple fruit online sales platform, if you put the word "apple" do the home page, but you will still get flow gap and love Shanghai index data is very large. Why? The reason in the search results and most of the content may be related information of Apple’s mobile phone. Because most of the people in search of a word that the objective is to have the apple mobile phone information. Of course, it may search a word only to see the rankings, the most typical example is the word "area + Shanghai dragon", such as "Fuzhou Shanghai dragon", when you worked hard to do this one word home when, you will find that there is no reason in the general flow, and search this is a word for people just to see the rankings.

then we will doubt what is the reason for the gap between the index and the real flow of love Shanghai so much? We love Shanghai index can be simply defined as the search index, namely the search times a keyword. From the daily analysis we can see one of the data is significantly higher. So what makes love Shanghai index so high, so high and the real traffic disparity? The author will share some views.

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