301 redirect the meaning of personal site settings


two, set 301 for access to the personal web page to redirect people experience that the user experience is the key.

first, home becomes particularly important in resolving domain names we always used to be divided into www with and without WWW, when the user visits can be used to resolve domain names the page browsing, in weight analysis, in accordance with the basic principle of distribution to the average the domain name, the personal website started is extremely unfavorable, because of the weight of ascension is not an easy process, but the setting for 301 days and months multiplying, redirect page weight with WWW domain is essential to upgrade, for the day after the website ranking, including keywords show the amount also contributed. So, to set a 301 redirect will be particularly important.


, a set of 301 weight planning for the redirection of the website.

personal website in the first optimization for the website follow to bring traffic as a priority among priorities, the weight on the website ranking even revenue has a direct impact, which has a 301 redirect function of the web site after the flow of ascension will also help this problem, do the following two states.

today, the flow of funds through the network which has become increasingly prominent, the number of personal websites also grow with each passing day, as a small station, for personal site settings 301 meaning and share analysis.

set 301 jump, one thing can not be changed, that is the relevant page and enter the URL, this is the personal website taboo, the consequences of doing so is contrary to this view, the flow may also have a marked decline, is the result of personal webmaster do not want to see.

Of course, in the

301 redirect called 301 permanent redirect, namely 301 jump. The method for setting the jump function in the space server purchased in (some space does not support), can also be in the web page (dynamic pages) with jump code, role for the realization of the domain name of the jump, jump form is the realization of the page jump.

The number of individual web pages

users are accustomed to a single search mode, so easy to remember to open the day after, this human inertia thinking mode in the site optimization can go to the reference, and the 301 is redirected through the domain jump means to achieve the user’s experience of ascension, such a good user experience to carry traffic embodied in the days after the operation of the website will increasingly high heat value. For example, in the new know a website, the user will use part of a domain name to search the open web page, open the page each time (set 301 jump) when the display is 贵族宝贝xxx, the user will form a set, will direct access to WWW the domain name in the days after the search, also it improves the user experience.

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