Foreign trade website 5 construction methods in the special chain

for Shanghai dragon Er, although the chain is very important, but also can not ignore the role of the chain, it is important to improve the pages included and weight transfer, the effect is very obvious. But for some small, as long as the basic site navigation and sitemap page, fully included general problem. But for large and medium-sized website,

two, on the home page or category pages display products, increase product classification of anchor text

in addition, you can also directly call the superior product category name. But there will be a lot of electricity supplier website products have multiple classification under the circumstances, we directly call the product category name is usually only a call, then the rule can be set as a product for the first time in which to take the category under the category; or you will be under the heading of the product product category name is set to display multiple classification, but the effect of this vision is a lot worse. How to set, depending on the site and set.

began to explain before I put there with most sites on the side navigation, navigation, breadcrumbs, related products and recommend these basic in the form of the chain to be excluded, no more for them. The following will be based on personal experience, summed up the construction mode of 5 kinds of chain website in foreign trade website.


added that the benefits are: the content of other prominent location, you have to look at the construction of the Top Search foundation anchor text, write good words, and there is a certain probability of customers would click on the Top Search to the corresponding page content. Since the construction of the chain to meet the demand, but also improve the user experience.

The increase of

classification page descriptive text and anchor text in text

in the foreign trade station station under the search box, adding a popular search term Top station Search forum, then home page, category pages, property page or product page, the anchor text added different pages corresponding to the increase in the chain.

on the front page or category pages list the middle part of the display products, products under the title, anchor text links to add a product category name, this is also a method to increase the category of chain.

In three,

, at the top of the page Top Search forum

is the name of the product, you can manually define the anchor text, so as to increase the diversity of the anchor text, but the functional design will have a more complex artificial definition, added a lot of workload.

content in the descriptive text classification in the classification of the product list page above or below, and then anchor text properly in the text.


page type and quantity, should be fully included is very difficult, so the construction of the chain is particularly important.

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