An easy to optimize the site should have the details of what

website in level after level Four, in the fourth level of articles to be included in search engines. The reason is that the search engine in the small site content more than three levels enough, and at the fourth level on the search engine will think that they are not important, so do not give more attention to.

path name

in the early stage of building the website is complete all easy to optimize the framework and content of the website can shorten the optimization time, a complete easy to optimize the site contains: the chain to meet user requirements, procedures and contents of path, easy to optimize the priority hierarchy layout, the added value of the content, layout and reasonable set of long tail keywords.

, meet the needs of the user program and content

, the 1 level path

2, the content of

in general small site level not more than three copies of the path, such as: the domain name /news/7.html, domain name /news/2007/7.html is the former two layer path, the latter is three layer path. Included in the site hierarchy too deep influence of part of the content, but the position does not depend on the path level, but look at the specific location of the website which. For example, in an article third, but in the home has a direct connection, so this article in the second layer.

two, in order to optimize the path set

More than a small 1,

. In the setting of the site navigation and page layout to analyze user needs, the purpose of the analysis is that users of those interested in content and importance. The analysis method is to see love Shanghai in the drop-down box, contact search and search the related demand. A search for "sheep" is: sheep, sheep profit technology, sheep, sheep, video sheep, sheep, it cost money sheep these keywords, users of these contents are more interested, so we can use these keywords set to the website column name. The second is the invisible demand, from the word "sheep" search drop-down box and ranking in the home website can get the word search user has discussed demand, then we can do the forum or set up a discussion forum or call love Shanghai Post Bar data as part of the web site.


usually use the directory name spelling form and 1-2 word spelling, if more than 2 characters of the directory name, the main purpose of keywords.

2, set the

program. To investigate what the program is in line with this website in the website before, such as sheep, sheep sheep appear in search of love Shanghai home is right, then search sheep users have discussed demand, so more suitable for the type of forum website. But if you search for wedding photography, first appeared in Shanghai love love Shanghai picture, that picture Dede program is more suitable for this type of web site. This class of primary school composition and search words more suitable for the kind of site.

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