An article page how to bring more than 100 of the traffic

above the page ranking for personal experience, the page ranking may be unstable, if you do the above points, the ranking will not have too much volatility. Starting A5, reproduced please indicate the source text not easily won, what is the cause of hyperthyroidism: 贵族宝贝jzx027贵族宝贝/jk/1423.html


5. in the chain can be set: word article page anchor text into station join other articles to increase the amount of reading the article

2. key words and Description: This article gives a good description of

‘hyperthyroidism is caused by how the key words on the left with two promotion, that this word and ignition, that the selection of key words.

page article how to bring more than 100 traffic? How can you just make a paper page bring more than 100 flow? One might find more than 100 friends click, this is a kind of way. In addition to these certainly other methods. This article is to do love Shanghai home page, nor to any one of the article page do will bring more than 100 flow, required to choose the right keywords, here’s a picture:

optimization? Is an article page

look at the first picture, webmaster tools display the weight of 2, is expected to flow into 181 "love Shanghai, hyperthyroidism is caused by how the article page ranking is third, the keyword love Shanghai index for the 726. and 4 index words are not in the home. Can be said that the website traffic basically come from the pages of this article. Then the article page how to row to the first page? Please look at another picture:

this up to love Shanghai page second? First I summed up in one sentence: I put this article page as a home page to page optimization, need to optimization, the article page increase

1. is the title of the page: hyperthyroidism is caused by how _ Wuhan Cheng Long Hospital

ranked second of course is my article page

B. station guide: do the chain of this article focus on the page, the anchor text


3.: the article not only to the quality of the original, but also to meet the user experience, have certain readability of

About A

natural ranked thirdWhy do I

4. weight guide: A. Guide: the home station to the site of the article page top (homepage highest weight)

6. can find friends to share the article page, in order to gain weight.

plus page

ranked first in the love of Shanghai know that Shanghai will surely love weight products is very high,

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