For the WordPress replacement of fixed connection to talk about love Shanghai webmaster Website Tool

1, if you replace the domain name, is very simple, do 301 redirection (please see how to do a 301 redirect to the new domain name do), then use the domain name validation rules to replace the domain name can be replaced.

you know, who can not avoid the website, but since the revision, we need to reduce the site because of the loss of the revised flow brings, which needs to be revised information submitted to the search engine through the 301 set and search engine webmaster tools combination.

360 has just launched a search, will seize the domestic market share of ten percent, brought no small impact to love Shanghai. In order to meet the challenges, and make a big move.

wrote the website advanced rules, or "wait state" in Shanghai, see the love how long can reaction.

love Shanghai’s response was laudable, the first day of the death of sitemap.txt submitted by the second day in the morning, see have links are deleted, which is very good.

but love sea attitude lacks seriously, such as the red line, this is the advanced rules to love Shanghai, even simple writing errors.

love the development of Shanghai is getting better and better, a cow. Until now, whenever you do website revision, do a 301 redirect. Google will soon respond, but love Shanghai slow reaction to the 301 redirect. However, from this moment, love Shanghai to niubi.


recently love Shanghai constantly improve, from the index query tool chain query tool (inbound), sitemap (badlink, URL) submitted links submitted (sitesubmit), volume index (indexs) fell in love with the sea, search keywords (keywords), page optimization suggestions (optimization) (errorsummary), and grab the abnormal pressure feedback (pressure), security detection (SAFE), vulnerability detection (leakdetect), site app, you can see that the recent adjustment of love Shanghai very frequently, to provide their own user experience. The love of Shanghai launched a tool called website and 301 redirect (rewrite), according to the official statement of love Shanghai, the website is need to do the 301 redirection, and then submit to love Shanghai, and two sites must be verified. This tool has a more user-friendly features, if only the change. It is can be directly replaced with the URL rules.

2, if you are replacing the fixed link, you >

advanced rules



2.wordpress website

These may be due to

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