Analysis of reasons for the decline of tourism website included


After discussion and

small amount of web page update Shanghai

most of the domestic tourism website, although in different forms, but basically is through the rich tourism information to increase the flow, through travel Raiders, share increase user experience, enhance user stickiness, and then converted into the corresponding benefits.

exchange Links yesterday, see no problem, but after this morning found that included down, immediately checked and found that friends of the chain, there are two or three in Shanghai love home, had a >

contact travel website website editor has been more than a month, probably on a picture for tourism. But there is still a lack of the practice of tourism website. Today, the company’s website appeared a little problem, some depressed, but things still have resolved, therefore, to summarize the understanding.

2, the website home page keyword density

there are too long. I believe this keyword is not in low price. The company has been relying on the optimization ranking is up, even on some, but included the overall situation has not improved, but declined. First look at the company’s website for everyone:



3, peer link may be a problem of

The following is today:

yesterday was Thursday, love Shanghai every Thursday for an update on the website, but this time the amount of brush is really big, but yesterday’s content or originality of the majority.


in the group of friends, summed up several problems:


company in Shenzhen, the main customer is Shenzhen area, but here in Shenzhen tourism competition is too big, take the "Shenzhen travel agency" the keywords, the single love Shanghai has occupied almost the love Shanghai home page:

love the most valued face work, home page content is very important, reasonable content of home rich web site target keywords. The website home page to call some article page, the basic criterion is reasonable, the section appears reasonable keywords, not in accordance with the premise of ensuring the user browsing habits of the layout, do not deliberately to stack. Therefore, our website did not bother to stack, so it becomes the home page keyword density is very low.

bias in the community, and our website is on the main line, the first page is change change information of the kind of little change, we know that love for Shanghai included, included the home advantage, but the home change is little, to grasp the content may not be too frequent. Therefore, some disadvantages.

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