An analysis of three points positioning website keyword

second: don’t choose too much

keyword or a lot of accurate positioning in the form of Web Topic and keyword are closely related, a theme has a key position, do not cause the theme and content of the article is the keyword positioning different, namely the contents must be around the theme to write in order to maximize the maintenance of the theme of the site in Shanghai why around a dragon should is the truth, accurate positioning of keywords, website construction company’s website construction company, and give full play to their own advantages and the construction, around these key words do some long tail keywords distribution, for example, professional website construction company, local + website construction company, etc., are there will be some benefits, around the theme to locate the key, will make your site more.

Keywords ?The first point: accurate positioning In fact,

every time a website started should locate the key words, in the dream place to start, we have in fact traces, selection and positioning of key words are moderate in our planning site, construction site; and when the site is about to begin, the quality is also in their position on the key words we say. Want to do this keyword in Beijing Shanghai dragon then, positioning the trunk, whether it is the promotion stage in the future, or in the optimization stage, and so on, should focus on the keyword and start when keyword selection is good, can do the next step. Then we should be how to better locate keywords, and we often face the problem of keyword

jewelry nest, now only 2, the other seems to be K out, this should be good for the keyword density, keyword stuffing in title, keyword stuffing in the description of the behavior, and so on, are cheating, this behavior is found, direct negation, se do stand principle seems to be such a right, that is to say do not stack keywords in the site, including the location of keywords in the AIL attribute, such as the use of hidden text to hide more text, in order to allow se to understand the knowledge, the density of a hand, a long time ago, may very useful, but now the situation is easy to find, the.

. keywordIn fact, about

about keyword density positioning, we can often see, for example, as shown in figure


is a website of a theme, itself is the case, but there is no need to select keywords too much, too many keywords have certain shortcomings on the theme of decentralized, but can be the theme positioning after the keyword derived here is similar to the long tail keywords derived theme of derivatives, and not related to the subject on the same site optimization, the site of raising this province is a challenge, only when the concentration of the topic keyword website to see more weight, will highlight the advantages of itself.

third: keyword density positioning

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