Love Shanghai Friday how to ensure small update website ranking does not drop

three is the love of Shanghai in the Friday update if you find that your website is not updated snapshot has been for several days, then I tell you: you can take the initiative to the webmaster to seduce love Shanghai. And here is the most simple and effective method is whether sites have included Shanghai love to Submit search engine included. Again, so it can be within 1 hours to the Shanghai spiders into the web site, if you love Shanghai spider found your site with high value, will enhance your website ranking, this method is often very useful no update on those website snapshot.

from two recent Friday love Shanghai update situation, on Friday when Shanghai will love the same for a small update, this time the update involves site scope is relatively broad, from Friday November 16th to see, the author has made several website snapshot update, two of the site’s ranking has improved, there is a snapshot of the site from November 4th down to October 26th, and analyzed the 5 site the author of all, the author found some skills of love when Shanghai update:

five is love Shanghai on Friday is best not to collect the update, and here is the best way to directly capture software closed or delete collection rules, so as not to love Shanghai search engine according to the route to collect your copy evidence, so as to bring unnecessary trouble for the website "

two is two days before the renewal of love Shanghai is best not to increase the reverse links, the reverse link here mainly refers to the single link, love Shanghai issued a notice on the link in November is not cheating? Here I also remind you webmaster not your backlink is normal or buy on Wednesday, Thursday, when they do not increase in the reverse link new, love Shanghai so as not to cause misunderstanding, resulting in unnecessary losses to the website, this website is one of the important factors to ensure long-term stability of the rankings.

is a love love in Shanghai to update the update website the day before, on a few websites take the author for it on Thursday updated website on Friday have got forward website snapshot promotion, and there are 1 websites is a snapshot of the next day to update the contents of the no movement, there is the two site is the next day to update the contents of the snapshot, its website does not change, but we can get love from Shanghai Friday update: love Shanghai love in the day before the website updates.

four is love Shanghai as much as possible to reduce the website pictures on Friday when the update, love Shanghai once the update is involved in the database is very large, if this time come to your site to find your site occupied too much space, some of the content is not recognized by other spiders love Shanghai, perhaps this time the spider will love Shanghai give up to grab your site. So here I suggest you Adsense in love in Shanghai on Friday to cut the website pictures, don’t let the spider feel tired.

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