Network fake love Shanghai love Shanghai sword – 3.15 special action

typical fraud: upgrade, unscrupulous online banking phishing and other means to entice users to provide information on account of the bank on the net. Such as phishing sites is a typical Internet fraud, which usually disguised as bank website, the page is completely consistent with the real website interface, not familiar with the customer is difficult to distinguish.


network gray chain, purify network environment, in order to more effectively protect the interests of consumers, stimulate positive energy of the Internet, with eight departments of the sea since the end of 2010 with the Ministry of public security, China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center issued "hit the Internet bad information and build a harmonious network environment the" Sunshine Action ", continuously through technology, high-quality products and resources into other means to optimize the search results. In 2012, love Shanghai more than 30 million 860 thousand effective against false ". In the 15 3· the network fake love Shanghai sword ", love for the whole year of 2012 through the massive search data statistics, online shopping, medicine and other financial eight high risk areas, an exposure of 1921 illegal websites, make false information network undetected. Not only that, we also launched anti fraud database, fangpian guide, provide reliable suggestions for the safety of users online.

In order to cut off the


on Internet eight high-risk areas

typical fraud: website users to recharge the risk is mainly present in the fishing or regular recharge website was hacked two types of risk. For users, in recharge will reveal the user site black or phishing sites in the information, including bank card number, mobile phone number, to the user >

as the world’s largest search engine Chinese, love Shanghai every day to accept more than 6 billion search requests, the number of web pages collected at present has more than 200 billion. The massive search results provide reference and decision information for consumers at the same time, but also become a hotbed of criminals trampling sincerity. "But where no benefit, dumping, illegal economic interests often become a catalyst for the breeding of the network information security risks. Under the current complex network chaos, phishing, Trojans, rogue software and many other threats to life and property safety of the user events emerge in an endless stream of Internet information security has become an important and urgent topic.

the love of Shanghai also started the "love Shanghai special inspector recruitment plan, invite more friends to report false information source, build credibility and secure network environment. In future, the sea will be adhering to the "make people convenient and equal access to information found on the corporate mission, the linkage of all social forces, so that every corner of the sun on the internet.

fangpian Guide: the current criminals through the full copy in the form of generic enterprise website, so through the network to search the website information, we must look for the formal financial services agency certified official website.

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