Do local network access to the decoration inspiration avoid being over optimized mire site

if I find a word to describe Shanghai dragon ER, with toil of tragedy in the only day to update the site’s article will walk around, and then replace the identity of each big forum to go inside the hard hair outside the chain, this process is extremely boring for many people, but a qualified Shanghai dragon ER will need to face the test every day. Do optimization need strong willpower to support, on this point, many webmaster friends and Shanghai dragon ER are very clear. In the optimization process has a lot of friends anxious cause excessive optimization, it is a puzzle to us, how to grasp the degree of optimization with a knife? Do local decorate website experience, how to do the optimization is appropriate and share, guaranteed not to exceed the scope of the search engine allows the.

need to pay attention to the details of what. The most important must pay attention to an article which do not stack keywords too much, so the effect is not good at all and sometimes even counterproductive. On the site keywords and not to be precise, of course not none, because the best content should focus on the website optimization to expand, basically an article which contains four to five words is the best. Section there is a key point to the search engine grab and judge website. If you do only stack keywords, once found in the search engine might have their own website is K. Therefore, in order to the rank of the website can a little online rise, do not act with undue haste, maintain a calm state of mind, on the ground to do site optimization is the hard truth.

chain is very attractive, but not greedy Oh! Friends all know the site outside the chain of Shanghai dragon’s role is very large, it is outside the chain of this attraction leads to many webmaster friends in the chain of greedy inextricably bogged down in the mud. But regardless of quality under the crazy hair chain is likely to cause the site was K. Therefore, we should arrange the site to do the chain number reasonably, grasp the quantity and stability of the chain of quality, of course, persistence is also very important. Wait for the chain to a certain extent and stage do not need to closely to the site to do the chain, if this is a taste of a hair of the chain, beyond the pre > search engine


, on the front page optimization should be paid more attention, not abuse should be fine. For the front page of the site to absolutely avoid excessive optimization, because the home page is the key area, it is the focus of the range of spiders crawl, also directly affects the user’s visual browsing. Therefore, the optimization of web page should follow some principles, such as the words are arranged to not more than four and make the keywords are evenly distributed, it is best to follow from top to bottom, from left to right in order to carry out the distribution, this layout is conducive to highlight the search spiders crawl, but also for the user visual browsing. In addition to sites like important program to try to row to the first page, and then use the page layout and other keywords to expand the corresponding description, it is best to have the news on the front page of the site list and so on, which is beneficial to the search engines to crawl more content.

Third, the Second, the distribution of keywords on the

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