B2B website how to optimize and share promotion skills

Optimization of

home page not too fancy, otherwise it is not professional, not too many ads and popups, it will affect the speed of opening this website; also B2B website more important section is the procurement and supply of information, so this kind of information should be updated on the website of the page above, rather than put some advertising your company placed in a prominent position. The web server to choose a larger space and open the faster the best server.

whether the internal links or external links, require regular inspection, especially the external links, and the company’s website at other sites Links, to avoid the wrong link, check all the links are effective, and focus on the correlation with the content of the page page links.

this is not to say, a lot of professional website introduction, besides a rehash of

In the design of the

4, website content

5, the website map

The internal optimization strategy of

3, regularly check the page links

website, website content update is very important, need to insist for a long time. The update work includes: enterprise information update, product supply and demand information updating and updating of the information industry information, recruitment information update, community, micro-blog and other entertainment platform.


2, website title and keywords optimization

!The effectiveness of

some time ago the company launched a B2B website, because there is no prior contact with the B2B platform website, so not what ideas and concepts for the optimization and promotion of B2B website, from the Internet to find all kinds of learning materials, and then to the site of the practice, many also have some of their own experiences. In this paper, and share with you.

site still need to be simple but convenient, the home page to the list page needs to have entrance, after all B2B web pages are more, not every page are displayed on the home page, so the entrance of the list page is very important. In addition to the user a high degree of attention to information on the obvious position of home. Make each page back and forward button link, convenient for the user to choose, this is also a good user experience requirements, page open mode set to open the window and not in a new window, which is _blank.

for registered users, making a list of Web sites for its simple and convenient module, function module to highlight key pages, such as enterprise registration, user center, help page, so that users can easily be familiar with the B2B platform and the main function module frame, can be very convenient to find their own concerns, and the establishment of the user record, attention to user preferences, provide personalized.

website structure optimizationThe requirements

1, B2B

B2B website,

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