The use of non conventional factors to improve the performance of the site in Shanghai

as everyone knows, in the process of Web site optimization, there are several basic optimization strategies and key points of each of us is the Shanghai dragon Er are going to insist on doing something, such as a web site keyword density grasp, website structure, content construction, external construction and so on these are our regular operation in daily work what, today I would like to set aside more in line with the search engine optimization thinking love Shanghai ranking also need those strategies for these aspects, we continued good gossip short into today’s topic, some unconventional factors for love Shanghai ranking.

second, the content and the title for the value and influence of user generated. Since we talked about in principle, it is necessary to mention the three title tag, because our goal is to get the ranking, website search engine will show in front of the reader, the reader can choose we can enter our website is completely spontaneous behavior of users, which requires us to think rationally three marks creation. First we analyze the competitor’s Website Title How to describe how to create?? after comprehensive consideration in its website title, keywords, description of the optimization. Can write after analysis, your search will click into the website? And friends discuss whether it is reasonable, the creation process of keyword proper arrangement in these tags, how to make it conform to the user behavior and not with the search engine algorithm against my in-depth consideration and we must carefully grasp the things.

third, the rational use of webmaster statistics code. About the webmaster statistics, all website friends would be equipped with the tools, whether it is cnzz or love of Shanghai, which is a powerful weapon for very good help to our analysis of user behavior, a very simple example. The general observation of the time in the background is mainly carries on the analysis in view of the long tail word. "

first, the depth of mining user experience and user needs. We must first accurate positioning of our site target customers, is what we want to optimize the key word? By those words to obtain higher conversion rate and so on of careful analysis and research. Secondly, analysis of competitors website we feel more valuable to search keywords, see page ranking of their website layout is carried out, what are the common characteristics, differences between the first and tenth what their analysis and research, and to explore the industry or substantive conclusions, this is the fundamental goal of our research and mining user demand. Now love is one of the click Shanghai algorithm principle, ranking the first web site in time relative to the hits obtained is much higher than the back of the site, because before the final goal of the search engine is to meet user needs best website showing users, sometimes we often heard friends complain about their outreach included how many but how many ranking has not change, you have carefully analyzed these hidden elements? This is why today we should explore unconventional means in improving the significance and value of ranking time.

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