The new March love Shanghai three normal weight optimization of the whole process

The 3,

spelling clouds, the domain name is


looked at the title, many webmaster certainly a contemptuous disregard for such a result, but this is indeed the case of Shanghai Longfeng step by step to practice, many webmaster opportunistic love love studying cheats, but ignore the most authentic Shanghai dragon is actually down to. In this case I believe that for many Shanghai Longfeng novice, is also a reference.

4, inside and outside the chain chain, focusing on the quality of

what domain name is very important for the new website, many enterprises now love to register with their own business name or phone the same spelling domain, in fact these are the clouds. Since it is for the promotion of the website, on the search engine instead of word of mouth, they do not care about the domain name easy to remember or not. Now love Shanghai, pay more attention to the weight and the site record, therefore, has a chain of record the expired domain name is an advantage. You can go to the domain name registration, you can also buy directly.

How much is our website and do not look at the weight of The construction site of the early

first look at the site of record:

The chain of the website

domain out of a total of only 1400, compared to a lot of friends in the forum.

site early, less hair of the chain

, because the weight is not love Shanghai official data, we mainly look at the website keywords ranking, the ranking, with the flow, our purpose is achieved. Although the daily search volume keywords website is very few, but you can search, the competition is not too small, a lot of competitors to increase the difficulty of Shanghai dragon. Next, we share the specific steps under the Shanghai dragon website:

program has little influence to Shanghai dragon, but the template for Shanghai dragon has great influence. If you use a popular template, it means lost in the starting line. A great influence on the program template similarity website, now love Shanghai for the new station audit more stringent, so the website templates to customize, to have personality.

This is the website of

, send a few chain spider is necessary, but the crazy low weight of the chain, such as BBS signature, blog links, business information group, but will make the new fast enter the sandbox, The loss outweighs the gain.

positive solutions for weight

time domain name:

1, the domain name is


website is the customer, domain name application in September 4th, we can calculate how long it is time.


2, the website program template free, character

The construction of

site weight is 3, and the station to check the number of love for the 20, 4 core keywords, ranking is relatively stable in the home and.

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